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I was wrong, very very wrong from the beginning. Fire Armor of Monster which I had thought made of extremly concentrated fire is wrong, it is not made of the extremly concentrated fire but the threads, very fine fire threads.

The tiny part of the monster's fire Armor I am seeing is made of Threads, each of these threads is smaller than my hair and I could see there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of fire threads would have needed to weave such amazing armor.

I am not completly sure if the whole armor is woven by the fire threads or only some part of it but It is still very astonishing.

This just tiny part of its body and this monster is hundreds of meters tall, to cast such impressive armors over one's body is simply impossible unless this is a special ability of the Monster or any other way.

I kept concentrating on that tiny part of the image with all my mind power, magnifying as much as I could with my mind power.

After seeing the way it had woven, I tried to concentrate my mind power single fire thread, which is very hard as I am already concentrating enough to see the threads but now I now want to concentrate on the single thread, that going be very difficult.

Still, I try and force myself, all of this to see the structure of the fire thread, I want of seeing if it just the very thin fire thread or there are some mysteries hidden in it.

It is in the source I could do such thing with my tiny bit of soul power, as inside here there is no restriction of worldly laws, it is impossible to do this outside with the restriction of the worldly laws.

I kept concentrating and concentration until I am finally able to lock on the single fire thread, though it is a little blurry it is still fine as I could make it clear with putting more efforts.

Now that I am able to lock on to this single fire thread, I now have to focus on seeing clear and then seeing its complete structure.

I am already at my limit to see the single fire thread among the hundreds of thousands of them and I now have to concentrate on the fire thread again, which above my limit.

Still despite it above my limit, I kept trying and trying and getting failed every time but I still kept trying.


Time ticked by as I kept concentrating the single hair when all my efforts got paid off and I finally able to see the structure of that fire thread and I am shocked by what I saw.

That lone fire thread is made of countess fire thread, like the thick ropes of the old ages.

I had never expected it to be simple thread but I have never expected it to know that fire thread is made of the countless small fire thread because that simply changed the dynamic of the fire armor.

It is already horrifying to make the Armor that was woven by millions of threads and now each of those threads is made of countless more threads then the fire armor would be made of Tens of Millions of fire threads at least and that is horrifying.


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