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This abode is really good, it looked just like a house and not the artifact. It is even better than the house, it had all the necessities a house should have.

"Lord Grade abode sure is amazing," said Sophia as we entered inside the abode and we couldn't help but nod in appreciation as this abode is really amazing.

After everyone entered the abode, the team leader started pressing a few buttons on the control panel of the abode and spherical light started to surround the abode fully like a defensive layer.

"Team Leader, with this Lord Grade abode of yours, we can definitely sleep without worries of being attacked in the middle of the night," said Ben as he watched the energy shied enveloping the house.

"Yes, we can sleep like a baby without worry," Sophia repeated, I also thought the same. With the Lord Grade Abode, we will not have to worry about any attacked, whatever attacks come will be defended by the defense of the abode.

This a Lord Grade Abode, which means those below Lord Stage would not have the power to harm those inside it.

"You guys still didnt understand the fearfulness of the Grimm battlefield." The team leader said while shaking his ruefully as if remembering something.

"The Grimm battlefield is more dangerous than you can imagine and no area is safe including the outpost that we live in," said Team leader.

"You guys have not seen the real terror of the Grimm battlefield, the day you see it, you will never dare to lose the vigilance against it even a second."

What he said made all of the silent and made us think for a few seconds, we understood the Grimm battlefield is dangerous but its depth we aren't able to understand it as we haven't experienced it yet.

"You guys clean up and rest for an hour after you are done with it we will make the plans for the dinner," said Team Leader and walk toward the numerous rooms in the abode, we all selected one room and walk inside it.

Chew chew…

Ashlyn came out of me I closed the door of the room I had selected and she came out, she started to demand the snacks that she usually does.

After giving her packed snacks, I walked into the bathroom for the shower. My body is filled with the dirt and dried blood, some blood handnt even dried.

Though I am still quite injured, all the wounds on my body had been healed so it is quite fine for me to take the shower without worrying about opening the after.

After coming out shower, I gents dried my body and wore comfortable clothes and my artifacts top of them.

I do not were artifact after taking a night shower, even if I was out training but words that the team leader said still ringing in my ears, which made me wore the artifact on me.

After doing that, I drank a few more bottles of potions and laid on the bed quietly, going over the battle that I had fought today.

Today is my first day in Mid Level hunting ground and it is quite an eye-opener.

Every Grimm race monster we have en

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