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Ashlyn drank away drop of blood from the bottle and that had horrified me as I clearly know the powerhouse that drop of blood came from is powerful beyond imagination.

Drinking the blood of such a powerful being is very dangerous, I still remeber how the monster core felt when the three fatty's had fed it to me.

It was just three small stages higher than me and only 10% of its energy was enough to blow me like a balloon but this drop of blood is from the powerhouse that is way stronger than the monster core of the master stage monster.

"Ashlyn spit it o" My words stopped in my mouth when Ashlyn turned into energy and went inside me.

I telepathically tried to contact her but no use as I had received no response from her, its like she had turned deaf to my ears. She is probably fallen into slumber

"Excuse me, can you help please?" I screamed loudly, asking that ethereal voice for help but I received no response from her, I asked again and again but there is no response from that etherial voice.

I asked for help but seeing there is no response, I started to curse that ethereal voice in the hope she will respond but I received no response from her.

I am not that worried about my life but Ashlyn's if to save her life I have to sacrifice my life then I am willing to go for it. She had been with me since the day she was born and after bonding, we have become even closer.

Why she had to be so gluttonous! If she could have just waited for a day, we would have found the details about it and a safe way to use it but no, she wanted to eat it here and now and like an idiot I let her have her wish.

If I had been a little strong and did not bow in front of her wish, she wouldn't be this predicament.

I kept screaming for help for some time and slumped against the wall seeing there is no response for the ethereal voice.

Ashlyn is still in the slumber, no matter how many I call her, I got no response now all I could do is wait and hope for the best.


Time passed by, I stayed slumped in the darkness helpless to do anything when I sensed something happening inside my source.


I quickly closed my eyes and started to concentrate on my source and became quite shocked to see what is happening inside there. My source which is like the silver miniature sun has a tiny bit of oily berserk energy mixed into it; it is now turning even shinier and its aura also increasing.

I can see the shadow of Ashlyn's source in the bird form releasing silvery energy into my source, making it shinier as it kept doing that aura of my source kept increasing.

My ability is advancing! The source represents my mana and the ability I have and it becoming it brighter and rising in aura cleary means my ability is advancing.

I have become happy about it for a moment but soon that happiness drowned by the worry.

That drop of blood is no small matter, not only it came from a very powerful powerhouse but it also cont

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