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I finally able to reach its fourth limb, if I am able to pass the defense of this last defense then I will directly able to attack its body.

It had been an hour since we started fighting these Tetrad Centipedman tribesmen and not one of us was able to kill the Centipedmen till now.

Fucking Cockroaches! They just too hard to kill, normally all of our battles ended withing an or at least in the last stages but here we have an only mid-stage of the fight and some aren't even reached that stage, that is me.

From what I have seen, Ritchie had started to injure the monsters he is fighting, Emma also doing the same as they both have a similar level of strength.

As for Ben, he is like me still struggling to touch the body of his opponents much less injure it. I would have loved to see how the sisters are doing as but they are little away from me but I am sure they are doing better than mine.

They fight in the team and very good at cracking the defenses of the monster, so I think they shoul be doing better than me.


Finally! I thought, my sword finally able to touch its skin and it was only a scratch on its carapace but it is enough, with the single attack on its body gave me all the information I needed which made me both sad and happy.

Happy because my sword finally touched its body which made me know what I have to do next and sad because its extremely difficult to pierce its carapace.

If I want to injure it heavily and even kill it then I will have to use all my strength just to pierced the sword through its body, in which my sword did not have come across any barriers which will be made it loose some it's power, this is a quite hard attack to perform.

It was a good thing I had already thought of such a scenario and had devised the strategy for it and that is to attack its joints.

The carapace covering it may seem perfect but there are many gaps between the joints and I will have to several of their joints with lethal attacks and with few perfect attacks on the joints, they will become weak enough that I will be able to kill them easily.

But it is not easy to attack their joints, these Centepedmen have the intelligence similar to us and they also clearly know their joints are one of their biggest weaknesses.

That is why they have wore protective artifacts on their joints and always became very vigilant when see something going toward their joints that is why the timing of my attacks has to be perfect.

With the plan in my mind, I started to attack them. I want my first attack to very lethal as after the first attack they will become very cautious and it will become very hard for me to kill them.

Clank Clank Clank….

Our weapons clashed one after another and in that time and I had may time attacked the bodies of the two Cetepedemen's bodies but my attacks never able to pierce its carapace.

Time passed by as we kept fighting as with the passing time my intuition became st

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