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I kept performing faster and faster and before I know it, I had crossed 30th pose and still moving forward with breakneck speed.

This is faster I've ever performed the Body Cleansing Technique, though now my speed of performing may seem like I am slow like a snail, in reality, I am three to four-time faster compare when I performing 31st pose last time.

After performing the 31st pose, I started to perform 32nd, this was the last pose I performed last time before I had completly lost all the energy but now that I leveled and feel there is little energy remain in me, I may chance to reach the 36th pose and go through the 3rd minor cleansing.

With that thought, I started to perform even more ferociously and able to 33rd pose.

The more I move forward, the more tired I am becoming but I have not lost my as I kept moving without stopping and one reason for that is the immense pain I am feeling.

I numbness had become little manageable but the pain had increased, every second is torture but despite feeling such torture I kept advancing forward.

At 34th pose, I felt like I've lost all the energy and just wanted to give up and sleep as this pain of poison became really unbearable.

I would not have felt this tired if I had not experienced an intense battle in the morning. If I had taken the nap, with the relaxed and rested body I would've had a chance to reach the 36th pose then than now.

There no need to waste time thinking about what could have happened, the important thing is now moving forward and reach the 36th pose, that should be my only goal right now.

I somehow able to reach the 35th pose but now moving an inch for me has become difficult but despite that, I didnt stop performing through the sheer will.

I have learned the importance of the will from the test given by great existence, as long as one has will strong enough them one can shoulder the World much less reaching this 36th poses.

As this thought came to my mind, I upped my effort and started to perform more ferociously, wanting to reach 36th in this session.

I continue performing at slower than snail pace while experiencing the torture brought by the poison which is present in every part of my body.

If not for me seeing the Energy of Miracle fruit-eating this poison ravenously and growing every second, I would have given long ago.

Finally, I had reached the 36th pose and just as I reached it, the very bad smell started to came out of my body. Smelling such bad smell, I wanted to stop and ran out but I controlled myself and continued performing.

It is important that I completly perform the 36th pose, as only then will I able to receive the complete benefits of the 3rd minor cleansing.

I kept performing and performing, even I felt like I have no energy in me and my will power running dry, I kept performing and only stopped when I fully performed the 36th pose.


I fell on the floor with the thud, I had completly los

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