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"Team Leader, why are you sparing these monsters?" Sophia asked seeing team leader behavior.

Hearing her question, the team leader's face turns very serious and stopped for a few seconds as if contemplating how to answer her question before answering her question.

"You all have to remember that there are many unspoken rules in the Grimm Battlefield that members of both races follow!" said the team leader in a very serious voice.

"Low-Level hunting ground is for trashes, if you do the wanton killing in them there will be next to no repercussion but it is different for Mid Level and High-level hunting grounds for those who's strength surpasses these hunting ground like me." said team leader.

"If I do the wanton killing in the Mid-level hunting, tomorrow someone powerful from the Grimm race would do the same against us humans."

"You have to remember, these outposts and Mid zones are just the training ground's that produces soldier's on both sides and their progress and numbers are strictly by the higher-ups of both races." the team leader said.

We all shocked hearing this as we all thought that battle with the Grimm race start from outpost but never have guessed that this just the training ground where both races sharpen their blades for the battle that happens in the Warzones.

And what is more shocking that everything is run under the nose of the higher-ups of both races.

I looked at Sophia and Raina to see if they knew anything about these details but seeing their expression, I don't think they know. Looks like their brother didnt tell them everything about the Grimm battlefield and left some things for them to discover themselves.

"You guys don't worry about all the things, the only thing you have to remember that after you reached the high-level strength don't do any wanton killing."

"These things will be explained by the Guild after you gain sufficient strength to know about this matter." Team Leader said before turning silent.

A few minuits later instructors stopped suddenly and with him stopping we also stopped knowing that it is finally time for us to fight.

"There are Thirteen Grimm race monsters ahead, all of them at Elite Colonel stage," said Team leader.

Team leader really did not show any mercy at us at all, I thought he would show at least a leader but no, he didnt.

It would have been no problem if we had this Grimm monsters at Low-Level hunting ground, we would have finished them within ten minuits but here fighting them going to very difficult as they are at least 3 times stronger than those at the Low-level hunting ground.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you something," said Team leader just we took the step to walk toward Grimm race monsters.

"What?" all of asked in unison and our voice was a little louder and there is slight irritation that could be heard in it.

That is because we know what team leader had to tell is not something good for us.

"The monster tribe you a

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