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"What is this Gate?" Emma asked in a soft voice. What happened in the past minute is like a walk in the fantasy.

When I saw the cave first time, I thought it was just the normal cave and the maximum danger we will encounter in it will be traps and some monster's but we have never expected for something like this to happen.

The gate in front of me about two-meter tall and it looks like the simple door we have in our home, the only difference between the door front of me and the one in the house is that this door is made of silvery ruins. The door may be a simple design but it still looked exquisite.

"Team Leader what do you think of this runic door?" I asked, now that this door had appeared and now we have to think about what to do about it as it will not going to stay open forever.

It is now time to decide whether to go inside or not, I had already decided that I will be going inside but before that, I want to ask the team leader if he knows anything or not, so I could be better prepared.

"No, I've never heard about it." The team leader said which disappointed me quite a bit as I wanted to have a basic idea of what I am getting into.

"I don't know what this runic gate is but one thing I can tell you that the runes flashing on it are human ruins and not the ones used by the Grimm race." said team leader which instantly made me little relax.

Though the gate having human ruins does not mean it is made by us humans as I've heard that we can also use Grimm race ruins as long as we reached the high mastery of the human runes.

If Humans can use the Grimm race monster's ruins then Grimm race monsters could also use our runes and this gate may very well be made my Grimm race but it could also be made by humans which have the highest chances.

Suddenly, the bright runes on the Gate started to dim, though the speed of dimming is low, it still dimming which means it is decision time.

"I am going in, you guys should make your decision quick." said the team as he walked into the gate.

"I am also going," I said and walked into the gate right behind him, the light on the gate was dimming and I didnt want to waste any time lest it disappears suddenly.

Everything in front of turned dark for a second and when I opened my eyes again, I found I am standing on the circular white disk and everything around me is very dark.

The circular disk I am standing on is about one meter in diameter and there is nothing around it.


As I was looking around, I noticed something which made me gasp in astonishment and also very scared.

I found I am wearing very simple white cloths that are not mine and all the things I was wearing were gone, my artifacts, storage, holowatch everything but that is not made scared and astonished.

What made me scared and astonished is that I cant feel my connection with the Ashlyn, its like out connections had completly disappeared as it had never been there.

When taking the Gu

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