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"Congratulations on passing the 2nd Test." said the Etherial voice, this is the first voice I heard just as I became conscious.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself standing on the simple fighting ring which is big enough that even the lieutenant stage could fight comfortably one it much me who is at the sergeant stage.

"Thank You," I said after looking around, "Since you have passed the two tests, it is time for you to take the third test, the test of Strenth." the ethereal voice said.

Looks like I will have fight an opponent to pass the test of strength, I thought as I looked the fighting ring that I am standing on.

"You have already passed the test of Will and Perseverance, the test of strength should not be difficult for you."

"The third test will start in one minute and this test you have to finish early as possible to get the maximum score." said Etherial voice with the soft laugh.

Whoever this Supreme powerhouse that designed these tests is sure is masochist, who like torture people intentionally.

As the Etherial voice disappeared, a sword came to my hand and to my surprise, it is my sword the Red sword that I used regularly, how considerate of her!


Time passed and soo thirty seconds passed and my opponent appeared in front of me and when I saw my opponent, I couldnt help but get shocked because the opponent I am facing is me.

My opponent is me, he looked exactly like me, wearing exactly the same close as me and holding the same Red sword as me.

I am going to fight me? I asked myself, then started to wonder how I am going to win if fight myself.

I didnt have time to think about it as the countdown started and all I could do ready myself for the fight.


As large tong sounded as the countdown reach zero and exact same moment, my opponent and I who is also me went for each other, we came at each other with the same speed and holding the sword at the similar style.


As our sword clashed, I come to know that not my opponent looked like me and use all my skill, he can also use my rule power. The Rule power which said to impossible things to replicate is replicated in from me.

I can feel the same flavor of Rule power from him that I comprehended which should be impossible but here it is becoming possible, I have never in my wildest dream thought that I will be fighting me who is an exact copy of mine and could use all my abilities including the ruling power.

I have way too underestimated the powerhouse who had created this test that I didnt dare to imagine which level that powerhouse had reached.

Clank Clank….

Our weapon clashed, he and I used the exact same moves and reacted exactly the same way with no exception.

I am my opponent them how I am going to win against myself? I continue to ask myself. This is making me frustrating as no matter what move I make, it is easily been countered by the opponent.

In my frustration, I just want to thr

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