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What a fight! I had fought these two centepedmen for about two hour and it made quite tired and would have sat on the ground if battles had been finished.

Ritchie and Emma had finished their fights while Ben and twin sisters are left to finish it, from the way fight is going on they should be able to finish the fight within the half an hour.

Crackle Crackle….

The crackling sound out be heard from me as I am concentrating my all on the eliminate the poison that is present in the body. The poison of the Grimm race monster is really hard to burn.

It must have been five minuits since both of the monsters had attacked me with the poison but their poison still remains on me despite Sunfire burning this poison constantly.

It took me a few more minuits to burn off all the poison on me and only then I took a sigh of relief, this poison is not much poisonous but it had a strong numbing effect.

Despite the protection of Sunfire and antidote, I was very afraid of this poison as a slight effect of it could have made a major effect on the earlier battle.

After I finished burning off all the poison, I took out two high-grade Runic Disk from my storage and placed them on the Grimm race monsters.

I should be able to finish harvesting Mana Crystal before the battle is finished, I thought but I was wrong as both of battle's finished before I completed harvesting the Mana Crystal's.

"Well done, you all have done a quite good job," said Team leader as he appeared right after our battle is finished.

We all became quite surprised after hearing his praise because it is very very rare for him to praise us.

"Quickly harvest the mana crystal, we have quite a journey ahead." He said which brought the reaction from us we are still quite tired from the battle we had just fought.

Ting! Ting!

Two quite bells rang out of with few seconds difference as the two bodies of the centipedmen turned into the husk as runic discs finished mana Crystals from them and when I looked the mana crystal, I got quite happy.

I got a total of 168 Mana Crystals from the two centipedmen which is quite good for two Colonel stage monsters. A few minuits later other are also harvested their mana crystal and we started our journey again.

We fought our next battle just half an hour after we left the place after defeating the centipedmen, this time also I had fought two colonel stage monster who was strong as the Centepedmen, its just that they didnt have four hands and Omni vision.

We took more beating that we took in the fight against the Centepedmen but we finished the battle quickly, just little more than an hour which less than half the time we took to finish the Centepedmen off.

After we finished our fight and harvested the mana crystal, the team leader asked us to move forward without giving us time to heal, saying we got to hurry if we want to arrive at our destination by tomorrow.

The third group of monsters we fought was th

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