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As for the Runic restriction, its all up to the luck as they are a very high level that very few people could solve them.

It is said that this ruin was a high-level one but with the time level of Ruins regressed that it had become the lowest one.

So, despite most of these restrictions had withered with the time, there are still many that are partially active and suddenly get activated and kill a lot of people in the process if they are lethal type.

The one thing I found most dangerous about this ruin is that its unexplored, it is said that is ruin is not even explored a half and the reason that it had only appeared two times ever, which is really less time to completly explore ruin like this.

As I read it, I make a note of areas that I want to explore and the ones I want to avoid. There are many areas which are out of my League and need high strength, those who venture there without having enough strength die without knowing how.

I read the documents for two hours before I put it down and asked Ashlyn to come inside me before I head back to the Tempreture room.

It is now time to concentrate on the Blood Drop-in Ashlyn's source, I not only want to comprehend from that faint fire Rule power but also take inspiration from the unclear image to perfect the fire armor move I've created.

I come inside the Temperature Room because outside I could burn my whole apartment down if I make the mistake when I using my fire armor.

Inside the room, I sat cross-legged and concentrate toward my source, and from there I went to Ashlynn's source when I found the blood drop is quietly floating above Ashlynn's source silently.

I felt relieved seeing it quietly floating above Ashlynn's source without any mischief, this blood contains immense energy that even wisp of this energy could blow Ashlyn and me into the pieces that are why when I saw it quietly floating above Ashlynn's source, I felt quite relieved.

I looked at the blood drop for a few seconds before focusing all my mental energy on it.

As I concentrate on it, I soon sensed the extremly faint wisp of fiery fire Rule and I started to focus on it deeply, wanting to comprehend the tiny bit of the fire rule from it that will help my Sunfire Rule reach the Mid Level of Basic Grade.

But that is very hard, climbing the steps of Rule comprehension is very hard, one has put a lot of efforts before one could even comprehend the small wisp of it.

I am not the only one who is comprehending from this blood drop, Ashlyn also doing it, as spent a few hours yesterday comprehending it and few hours today also and earlier when I call her to come inside me, that time also she was comprehending from the blood drop.

She had comprehended the little bit but it is not enough to make the rule power advance but I am hopeful that if we kept comprehending these bits and pieces every day then we will acquire enough comprehension to advance our Sunfire to Mid-level of the Basic stage

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