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I look at the blood drop which is floating above Ashlyn's source and concentrate on it specifically, I concentrate on the very faint but fearful fire rule that emitting from the blood drop.

I am hoping to comprehend something that could help me advance my Sunfire rule a little, it close to reaching the Mid Level of Basic Grade.

The chasm may seem small but it very great that some people even took years to reach that level.

Every rule is different, even if it is the same type of Rule, there are always differences exist between them. The fire Rule that the Blood Drop is emitting had very violent quality, may I say it is simply berserk.

The Rule power comprehended by humans has always had some stability but the one comprehended by the monster's always had berserk quality in it.

Even the Sunfire that Ashlyn had comprehended is hard to control perfectly, the killing energy of killing rule which said to be filled with madness was easier to control that this Sunfire rule Ashlyn had comprehended.

It is very difficult to control them perfectly but for the past few days, my control over Sunfire increasing at very fast speed and the reason is that my practice on harvesting elemental mana crystals.

Though I am nowhere close to harvesting the elemental mana crystal, It had indirectly improved control over my Sunfire Rule.

I wished that Rule power inside that blood drop would not be this faint, if it has been on the same Grade as the Rule in white ax by now I would have started comprehending something.

I can't compare two of them as there is a vast difference between them, one had reached the Grandmaster Grade while other is just at reached Advanced grade.

Those who comprehended Rule to the Grandmaster Grade are the true powerhouses of the world, they just needed to take one step to reach the apex.

I continue to concentrate on the blood drop and time to time, I do get some comprehension but that comprehension is too little to advance my Rule to Mid Level of Basic Grade.

Still, the progress may be small but it is still progress that is taking my rule power little closer to the Mid-level and its not like that that is the only benefit I an getting on concentrating on the blood drop.

For some time as I kept consenting on it, an unclear image started to come into my mind, it is a giant monster that has the body above the hundred-meter tall.

Wherever it moved, the destruction follows and the reason for that destruction is the raging Fire it breathes through its mouth, it is very fearsome, whatever it touched will get burned by it.

It is not the memory I am sure of it but what it is exactly I don't know but more see I these unclear scenes flashing by my mind, the more I started to understand the fire which seemed to be making my connection with Sunfire stronger.

Even though the Rule of Sunfire is imprinted in me, I always felt there is a gap between us, I did not understand it the way I understood the

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