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News of aferian Ruin is finally out and it had instantly shadowed all the topics on the web, it seemed to be making bigger blast than I expected as nearly all the people in outpost talking about it on the web but also on the streets.

When we entered the outposts, all we could hear about the Aferian Ruin and nothing else.

"It was a good thing we had brought the information it yesterday or we would have had to pay hell lot more," said Sophia as she looked the renewed price of Information about the Aferian Ruin.

I also nodded, every organization, store, guild, etc had information about the Aferian Ruin increased their price near tenfold.

After submitting all the things I got from the Grimm race monster in the Guild, I return back to my apartment.

Today was really fruitful, not only I have killed the several elite Colonel stage Grimm race but also harvested a lot of Mana crystal from them and this just the starting.

The next three days went by as I had imagined, we hunted so crazily that each day was dangerous than I before and every day I had received serious injuries but that didnt stop me for training more intensely.

Each day, I had harvested more than 1000 mana crystal, I had expected that I would able to harvest 1000 mana crystal a day but did not expect that day would come this soon.

Today had given us off by the Team Leader to take a good rest as if today we are going take guild's challenge and if we are successful then Team Leader going to take us for the 'treasure hunt', that is what we calling it now.

The team leader did not say much except for that the destination of the map in the Mid Level Hunting Ground. We were not that surprised knowing it is Mid-level hunting ground but our hearts still started to beat faster.

The Mid Level hunting grounds are completely different from the Low-level hunting ground, the low-level hunting ground is for the rookies who had just entered the Grimm battlefield and there is not much danger there but Mid-level hunting ground are completely different.

The Elite Colonel stage we have been fighting against is the weakest Grimm race monsters in the Mid Level hunting ground.

The Elites of Grimm race we have fought are just starting point of the Elite, In the real sense, they are not considered much in front of the Star elites found in the Mid Level hunting ground.

There is another reason why the Team Leader had asked us to clear the Guild challenge before he could take for the treasure hunt and that is because of Guild Rules.

For us to hunt in the Medium level hunting ground, we at least have to clear the Level 2 Guild Challenge before we have permission to hunt in the Mid Level hunting ground.

I would not have the guts to hunt in Mid Level hunting ground this early if not for instructor coming with us, he is someone who had clear all the 9 challenges in the guild challenge.

Even in the S class guild, very few people have the power to clear all the

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