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They both started to perform the technique and I looked at them openly without feeling any shame.

I have to say both of the sisters are very hot, with their muscles tones to perfection not an ounce of fat could be seen on their faces and one could not forget their God-given assets that move with their every move.

The sister really has god-given bodies as each move they make feels exotic and their movements are rhythmic that one wouldn't able to tell that this is their first time doing Body Cleansing Exercise.

While I am very much enjoying the view, I am also carefully observing every pose they performed.

The first two poses they performed with the relative ease, its like they didnt feel any strain at all but when they started to perform the 3rd pose, they started to feel the strain from every part of their body.

The first time is going to be difficult for them as they have never performed the supremed combat technique and their muscles are quite rigid, they will need one whole session of supreme combat exercise free them, so when they perform body combat Technique they will not this level of tension in their muscles.

After completing 3rd pose, they started on the 4th pose and when they were performing it, I could clearly see beads of sweat running down on their bodies, it felt strangely hypnotic.

The sweat quickly wet the tight clothes they were wearing which started to show the clear outline of the parts of which they were wearing they have covered with the cloths.

With their clothes wet, I could see the perfect outline of their bodies and this making me excited and my heart started to beat in an uncontrollable manner.

Shame on me! I am obscenely ogling my friends, this tense environment in the Grimm Battlefield is really making sick and frustrated, no wonder there is so many adventure paradise sanctioned in the outpost.

When I first time I come to know the number of brothels this outpost has, I was quite shocked and didn't understand why the outpost needs so many brothel's but now I understood the reason.

In this intense war-like environment, people need something to release the stress, frustration and other emotions they are feeling, there are many things that can help one release the stress depending on one's personality but sex is undoubtedly one the best options.

Looks like I have to break the rule of not having a girlfriend in Grimm Battlefied or find some way to release the stress and frustration I am feeling due to daily fighting.

I can be fine for month or two but if tension and frustration keep building inside me and I kept it bottled up, It will explode without warning.

I will have to find some way to release after I am done with this Aferian ruin business, I thought.

When I come out of my thinking, I found that the sisters have already finished performing the 6th pose and cloths became so wet that this time I didnt have to use my imagination to look what underneath it as i

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