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It is said that the Aferian is Grade 2 Ruin which had appeared two times before and only half of it has been explored while the others half remain unexplored.

As for what type of Ruin is Aferian Ruin, it is not mentioned in the free information.

Exploring ruin is a very dangerous matter, many people lost their lives inside it.

There are many forms of danger's exist inside the ruins form the runic restriction to dangerous monsters but they are not the biggest danger there, the biggest danger in ruins is the Grimm race.

Grimm race can also travel to the ruins, like us they could also connect to the Ruin and due to them the advance knowledge and resources, their members always greater than us.

That is why every time when ruin opened there is always a huge bloodbath that occurred between the human race and the Grimm race, no one wants others to gain anything from the ruin.

That is why the most dangerous thing in the Ruins is not Runic restriction or monsters that present up there but the Grimm race that we fight constantly.

But despite knowing the Ruins are extremely dangerous, people madly go there, just so they could acquire that fate changing chance and even if they could not get the fate changing opportunity, their strength will increse relatively just surviving inside the ruin.

Only those who are extremely unluckily would return empty-handed.

"Any of you didnt buy Information right?" The team leader asked suddenly, we all shook our heads as we looked up from the projection.

"Why?" asked Sophia, the team leader wouldn't have asked this question for nothing.

"Because it is Level 2 Ruin and to enter the Level 2 Ruin, You all need to have the strength of the to pass the Level 3 Challenge of the guild." said team leader.

"Level 3 Challenge, how much stronger we need to be to pass that?" we know that Guild had nine combat challenges and to go the certain restricted places like enter the ruin or do some other things like going to the Mid zone, we need to have the strength to do that otherwise we would just lose our life going there.

That is why guild had set up the challenge which is divided into nine levels, only after proving our strenth would the guild will give us permission so we will not lose our life uselessly.

"Currently all of you have strenth to pass the 1st challenge and as for passing 2nd and 3rd, you guys are very far."

"And as far answering your question about how much strength you needed to pass the 3rd chalenge, well you just need to defeat the Elite Brigadier stage Grimm Race monster, So I advise you think before you buy that expensive information," said Team leader.

Defeating Elite Brigdiar stage Grimm race monster, that is currently impossible for me. I could fight the Elite Colonel stage Grimm race monster without losing and if lucky then able to beat it but beating Elite Brigadier stage Grimm Race monster is a completely different thing.

The last three Stages of

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