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" So, are you guys are up for the challenge?" asked the team leader with teasing voice, a dare apparent in his voice.

We all stumped and as fighting fifteen Elite Colonel stage Grimm race monster is too much for our team, especially when our opponent is Purple striped Tigerman Tribe.

This tribe is very ferocious and has both speed and strength as their forte while the defense is also above average.

We would have directly said no him right after hearing this proposal but what instructor said about some of us able to beat our 2nd opponent in guild challenge, made us think about it greatly.

There are fifteen Purple Stripped Tigerman tribe monsters if they had been twelve, we would have yes but fifteen is…

I was just busy with my thoughts when I heard Ellen said something which brought me outside my thinking.

"I can handle four!" she said, "I too can handle four," said Ritchie right after Emma said.

"We sisters can handle two together!" said Sophia, "I can also handle two," said Ben and after that everyone looked at me, awaiting my answer. I can see in their eyes that they want me to handle 3 Grimm race monsters.

Three monsters are really difficult, I would have able to handle two elite Colonel stage Grimm race monsters, even kills them with my increse in strenth but handling three is too much as it changes everything.

Three Elite Colonel stage Grimm monsters will beat me back so badly that I won't even have a chance to the response to their attacks.

I want to say no as I could only able to handle two but something inside me stopping me say that, it is saying that I should say yes, only fighting such impossible battle will I able to improve.

"Ok, I will handle three," I said finally with the sigh.

"You just have to keep them busy for a while, as soon as I finished with the monster's that I am fighting with, I will come to help you," Emma said as if understanding my emotions to which I could only smile.

"Well, you guys sure took a lot of time," said Team Leader, "No worries, they haven't gone too far, you guys have to walk about four hundred meter's ahead and you will come across them." said team leader while motioning his finger toward the right direction.

We nodded at him and started to walk toward the direction of the Grimm race monster.

While walking toward the Grimm race monster directions, I activated both of Rule power at 100% and also activated my skill especially my strengthening skill, the Giant's Strength.

I hope this skill will work its magic and give me a chance to fight against three monsters as I do not want to take a beating from them only.

"Oh, look a group of delicious preys and we didn't have to search for them this time." said one Purple striped Tigerman as he looked at us coming together.

Just as team leader said, there are fifteen monsters of Purple Stripped Tigerman tribe, all of them are about three-meter tall and wearing long metallic claw's on their han

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