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Like yesterday, Emma and Ritchie finished their fight before me. For the first two days, I was the quickest to finish the fight but after two days Emma and Richie gained experience and with their strength, they finished first.

As for others, they should be able to finish within five minutes and as for those hiding in the shadows would give us that time, Grimm Race is different from humans.

There is very strong tribalism exist between them, especially in the low-level tribes of the Grimm world.

These tribes did not mingle with the other tribes except for some they are allied with.

In their own world they constantly fight, if not for the great overlords from the high-level tribes that kept them in check, they would have fought with each other without care for us humans as they consider us 'lowly food'.

The strength of those hiding is very high, they are at least three times stronger than the Grimm Race monster group that we are fighting now and the one leading has very strong battle power.

If I had not guessed wrong then the one Leading them is at Colonel stage and not normal Colonel stage but the elite one. Except it, there are ten other Grimm race monsters hiding, all ten of them are elite Major stage and have battle power similar or higher than that the Grimm race monster I've just fought.

As for running away, that would be difficult as all the monsters have surrounded us. They were easily able to catch if I decided to run away alone and they could easily catch me, especially that Colonel level Elite which I felt I am no match of even if I use all my power including my trump, I will still not be getting away from it.

The fight will be difficult but if we can't seem to handle then the team leader will sure help but the question is at what point will he help?

Does he help when the Grimm Race monsters had Cut off our limb or two as he said or he will help before, I don't know? I just know that he will not let us get beaten too much by these monsters.

It may also not get that bad, that we will need the instructor's help, we might be able to beat those monsters by our strength.

In my view, there is a 25% chance of us beating those monsters with our own strength but we were able to do that or not only time will.

As Ben and twins were fighting the Grimm Race monsters, the Grimm Race monsters that Ben was fighting suddenly noticed that all of its comrades are dead and seeing that it wanted to run but it was unsuccessful doing as its running away, gave ben a chance to kill it in a single shot.

A few seconds later, Sophia and Reina finished killing the Grimm Race monsters they were fighting, seeing that I was about to warn them when Raina spoke suddenly.

"There are Some Grimm race monsters hiding around," Reina said, hearing that all them stopped and even put away Runic discs they have taken out harvest the Mana score.

"We have hoped to launch a sneak attack but who would have thought that you

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