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"You really had lot of fun teasing me don't you?" asked Sophia, it is an evening right now and both of the sisters have woken from their sleep but weakness could be clearly seen in their eyes.

It is a good thing that they have performed the Body Cleasing Technique first time in the morning, which gave them sufficient rest for tomorrow if they have had performed it tonight then they would have somehow weak tomorrow.

"Yeah, I really had fun poking you," I replied which she glared at me and threw a pillow at me which I caught easily.

"Would you mind staying in for dinner, I am cooking?" I asked since it is the time I usually cook and I am quite bored eating with Ashlyn daily. So I thought I should invite them. This will be my first time inviting friends to dinner in the Grimm Battlefield.

"Sure since you are so Kindly inviting us, we will stay for dinner." Sophia tried to say it eloquently but failed miserably.

With them saying yes, I started to make preparations for the dinner and since I've had friends, I am making tonight's dinner special.

I started to take out all the best ingredient I got from the awakening ground and the ones I had brought from here a few days ago, with more than a year of practice my cooking skills are quite good that it took only for everything to go over the pan.

"Wow, Micheal you really can cook, we sister just have to eat the ordered food," Sophia said as she watches me cook beside the. To her complement, I just smiled.

It took over an hour for me to finished all cooking and after that, I served the plates we started cooking.

With Sophia, the dinner is was not silent at all, while we eat we also talked about the different things.

After finishing dinner we all go to the guild to buy the information about the Aferian Ruin, we all felt that any day adventure paradise could make the news public, so it is better if we buy the information early as possible since we had decided to enter the Aferian Ruin.

The information very expensive, not only I have had to use all the merit points I had and I even had to a substantial amount of mana crystals also. I am still quite fine but Reina and Sophia completely emptied after buying the information that they have less than ten mana crystals left.

After dropping off the tired sister's to their apartment, I went back to my apartment and hastily opened the book which I have studied quite a few times I've returned from the awakening.

It is not the book about the Runes but a skill book, it is a skill book named Giants Strength. It is Strength type skill, I have found in the memory storage of people I've looted in the past.

As what grade of this skill is, I don't know as it was incomplete. He must have found somewhere otherwise it would not be his memory storage but in his holowatch.

This is a skill I wanted to use for quite a while but I haven't due to its harsh requirement but after leveling up today, I have met all the requirement

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