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"Micheal!" I heard Sophia calling my name loudly, "What?" I asked, "I've been calling your name a few times but you hadn't responded and what is up with the stupid look you have on your face that I am seeing since yesteday." Sophia asked.

"Oh, its nothing. I was just thinking about something." I answered her quickly as she seemed very annoyed me not answering her when she called my name.

I was thinking about the Black Red Poison which I had just got from the guild with Team Leade's help, it turned out to buy core poison (Black-Red Poison) of the Elite Major Black Viper Sneakeman need Level 8 access, even in the guild, if I were to buy it from other vendors or from adventurers paradise, I would need Level 7 access.

That is why I wasn't able to buy the Black Red Poison yesterday, though I got it today with team leader's help, I still wasted one precious day. If I had asked the team leader's help yesterday, today would have been my second day practicing with the poison.

"Are you thinking about your girlfriend?" Sophia asked teasingly, "No, its not about girlfriend as I don't have a girlfriend." I replied.

'Girlfriend Hun!' Till now I had only one girlfriend and that is in school, I had thought about asking Sarah's sister out after getting out of the Minerva realm but then the matter of Grimm Battlefield came up and all the time I had gone making preparations for Grimm battlefield.

There is another reason not asking her out as both of us were going to Grimm Battlefield and I've no idea whether we will end up in the same outpost or not, so even if we going three months time is really less for a relationship to blossom enough that it will able to endure the separation of half a year or more.

"Why don't you date my sister, I think both will make a great couple?" said Sophia in a deadly serious voice.

"Sophia!" I and Reina said at the same time and looked at her angrily, Reina is very beautiful and her nature is also very likable but I don't think we are suitable for each other and another thing is that I don't want to date in a place like Grimm Battlefield where danger exists everywhere.

"Ok, ok, I shouldn't have said that! both of you are adult enough to decide for yourself who you should date!" Said Sophia while putting her hands up defensively.

"Micheal what are doing tomorrow?" Sophia asked as we reached near our apartments.

Tomorrow is given off to us by the Team leader for us to unwind and I not doing much anything except train supreme combat exercise and Body Cleansing Technique morning and night.

"Nothing!" I answered.

"Then don't mind us if we sisters drop by your apartment sometime tomorrow!" Said Sophia.

Soon we reach near our apartments and after saying goodbye, we both fly towards our own apartments.

These past two days were filled with combat that yesterday and today, In just two days I had killed 34 elite major stages Grimm race monsters and both of these days, I have fought ma

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