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"We are not fighting physically but mentally, our conscious is many times faster than our physical body that is why she fought for an hour inside the crystal but outside barely five minutes had passed." silent Reina explained in her melodic voice.

So that's how it is! Its such a simple thing, how can I not thought it through.

"I'll go next!" said Ben, we all nodded. Ben quickly walk up to the door scanned his batch and entered inside.

"So, how was the challenge?" I asked Sophia and everyone perked up their ears to listen to what she had experienced in the challenge.

"Well, my first opponent was human, very strong and skilled. It took me about an hour defeat and as for my second opponent, it was the monster and I got defeated in a single move, it just whipped me with its tail and I lost," she said in a sad voice.

"You are no even able to last one move?" Asked Emma incredulously, though Sophia may be a little weaker than other team members, she is not that weaker especially when it comes to defense even without her sister.

Her not lasting even a single move against 2nd challenge means I will not have much chance beating the 2nd challenge at all.

I felt a little disappointed as I am holding on hope that if I was able to use my all, including my trump card, I will have a chance to beat the 2nd but looked like I've way too underestimated the 2nd challenge.

Though I got a little disappointed, I got over and now filled with even more vigor, now I want to experience how strong this 2nd challenge is.

"How much time do you think ben going to last?" Richie asked Sophia as she is the only person who experienced the Guild's challenge among us and knew how strong the challenge is.

"Ben is stronger than me, he should be able to exchange a few more moves with his 2nd opponent but not more than ten, so I think he will last between five to six minutes," Sophia replied.

Time passed by as we waited for Ben to come out and he came out between the time Sophia predicted, 5 minuits and thirty-two seconds.

"How was it?" we asked, "Just as Sophia said the 2nd challenge is very difficult, I was only able to exchange a couple of moves with it," Ben said with a little sad face.

"What opponents did you face?" asked Richie, " My first opponent was the Grimm race monster and second was an android," Ben replied.

"I'll go now," I said and no one objected, I was planning to go last but hearing what Ben said, I couldn't control myself.

I scanned my Guild batch to the door and entered inside, it is a small room white room of about 2 square meters and the center of it lay a fist-size purple crystal.

So this is the conscience crystal, I said in my mind as I looked at purple crystal in the center of the room.

I sat on the floor and concentrated all my mental energy on the purple crystal, The first few seconds I didnt feel anything but after that, I started to fell a little drowsy and found my consciousness slipping a

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