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Totem Artifact, Emma had finally summoned her Totem Artifact.

When one entered the Lieutenant stage, one produces a creation seed, with the help of the creative seed one can create a Totem Artifact.

There are many things required to create the Totem Artifact, which is Totem Blueprints and precious materials. The power of one's totem artifact depends on two things.

In my team, there are three people that are above the Lieutenant stage, Emma, Ritchie, and Ben, and all three of them have totem artifact but not one of them had used the Totem Artifact they have created.

They have not used their totem artifact until now, its not because these some sort of condition on using it, its just that they were never in dire enough straight's that they would need to use their trump as their totem artifact is their biggest trump card.

The totem artifact I am using is not able to show its true power because I am not its original owner, If I have been the original owner of the Red sword it would have been a very powerful weapon and I would have easily able to kill the three Grimm race monsters that I am fighting.

Emma had finally summoned her totem artifact which means she has no other choice.

When I looked at her summoning her totem artifact with the corner of my eyes, I was shocked to see in the condition she is in.

She looked extremely wretched state, her clothes are torn and deep injuries could be seen on various parts of her body.

It had not been a minute since the fight had started and she is already in this condition it is quite difficult to believe.

Though the four monsters are strong, they are not this strong to injure her at this level, there must be something else.

I have come to know what that something else when I saw something leaping at her in the blurring speed, it is boss of the Purple Stripped Tigerman.

I did not expect it to have such fearsome power when I sensed its battle power earlier, I had sensed it is very strong but not strong enough to get such a blurring speed, there could be only one reason for this.

Occult Method! The boss of the purple striped Tigerman is using the occult, only some strange occult method are able to deceive the sense of my killing.

When I had joined the guild, I have had read all the free material it has on the Occult methods and found that, that some Occult Methods are able to deceive the Sensory type rule.

The occult method I had come across before was not able to deceive my senses but this one is able to.

I have to be vigilant from now on against both Grimm race monsters and humans, who know they have the strange Occult Method which could deceive me.

Despite summoning her Totem Artifact, Emma is still quite disadvantages against the boss of Grimm race monster's who are using the Occult Method but I am not worried, it was her first time fighting the opponent who has the occult method, as long as she got used to it she will able to defend against i

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