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"You guys watch well and also record on your holowatch for the future references," I said as I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique at a very slow speed so they could watch my every move.

I am a little tired but I did not feel anything as I performed the first few moves of the Body Cleansing Technique, with constant practice my muscles have become flexible enough that the strain that the body cleansing technique put did not affect me much.

I performed one pose after another with perfect smoothness and clarity, there is no rigidness in my movements despite I am being slow instead they would feel little rhythmic.

I have once recorded myself performing the Technique and saw that the first ten moves I performed feel rhythmic, after that the technique started to put little strain on me which made movement a little rigid.

After reaching 7th pose I started to feel little strain due to my tiredness but its not that much.

I continue performing it and the higher I go the more strain I started to feel, just as I start performing the 8th move I started to sweat and I had to cover my body with the light layer of Sunfire so it would vaporize before it could come out.

Normal I do not cover my body with Sunfire to vaporize the sweat, doing that would be idiotic as one needs to give his 100% both mentally and physically.

Using Rule power to burn off sweat is a very useless thing to do and the reason I am doing such a useless thing because I am only performing 12 poses and for that, I won't be under much strain to divert my energy burn off the sweat.

I could feel the sharp gazes of Sophia and Reina on me and truth to be told, I felt a little uncomfortable. I have never been under such intense gaze before, even in the competition of the Westblood city where millions were staring down on me didnt feel this uncomfortable I am feeling right now.

Despite being fully clothed, I feel like I am completely naked in front of them, Micheal didnt know that both sisters using a special method to watch him and with this method he is nearly naked before their eyes.

I kept performing the poses and soon finished doing the 10th pose and now only two are remaining but they are hardest as even in my peak I would feel little strain after the 10th pose much less now when I am tired.

Still, I kept performing without shaking a bit, my muscles move on their own after having the habit of doing these same routine thousands of times, doing them became so natural that I can do the first ten poses with my eyes closed.

After fishing 11th pose I started performing the 12th pose, at the 12th pose one will go through minor cleansing and I hope these sisters would reach this pose in ten days, so they will have twenty other days to reach the 2nd cleansing that will give them a quite a big boost.

They both have energy and will to perform compare to me who was just at Corporal stage when I got through my first minor cleansing compare to me n

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