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Ring Ring Ring...

I woke up before dawn by the alarm and started to make my preparations.

Today we are are going to hunting in the most dangerous part of the Madeleine Swamp, Madeline swamp already one of the most dangerous low-level hunting ground and now we are are going to hunt in most dangerous Grimm race monster's are of most dangerous area.

This is going to be very dangerous, if not for Team Leader is present, I would have never dared to go there without being completely sure of my strength.

As I've said this is the most dangerous area if we are able successfully able to beat every chalenge that comes in our way without team leader's help we will have an eligibility to hunt in Mid-level hunting ground.

The team leader said that we will train in the most dangerous area of the Madeleine Swamp for four days and as far as what we will do for the last three days he didnt mentioned anything, just said that it is going be a surprise worth remembering.

I finished all my preparations within an hour and left my apartment for the city gates.

When I reached the city gates, there was only Ben present there but withing ten minuits Richie and Emma had arrived and not long after them Sophia and Reina, it is the Team Leader that arrived late.

After he arrived we started our journey following the team leader as he didnt specify on which route we are going to enter in the center of the Madeleine swamp.

"We will take a shortcut today, by circumventing the forbidden Ground we will enter the very core of Madeleine swamp," said Team leader but just as he said that all of us stopped on our tract.

Forbidden Ground! Did he just say Forbidden Ground?

"Forbidden Ground!" all of us shouted that word in shock, the forbidden grounds is the most dangerous area of the world, they found everywhere and our republic also has them.

The areas that were not even explored by powerful experts, as the simple mistake inside them could result in death.

They are simply death ground's, It is said the forbidden ground is the place where the membrane of our world is most thin and that is why chaotic energies of the outside had infiltrated through that membrane, thus creating a forbidden ground.

The energies of the outside are very dangerous and even whip of them could turn one ash with a second, they are that dangerous but it is not without treasures also.

Though forbidden grounds are death grounds, They are also treasured ground. Everything found there are a treasure and even soil of that place sold at extremely high prices.

It is said that chaotic energy that comes from outside could make everything a treasure, as long as something is being in prolonged contact with that energy it will either be destroyed or will turn into treasure.

That is why every mineral, a metal found in that place is Ideal material for crafting the Totem artifact and all the herbs that found there is used to brew the priceless potion, the bottl

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