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When I opened my eyes again, I found myself back in the small room, sitting in front of the Purple crystal.

The power of Snow Wolfman was amazing, especially that ice element power which froze me so badly that even Sunfire had become a little ineffective melting it.

It took me a while to calm myself down as this was the closest I have been to experience the death, I literally died inside as I felt pain for a moment before me I lost consciousness, though it is fake death, it still left me quite traumatized.

After calming down enough, I checked my holowatch only to see it's only been eight minuits but I clearly fought for more than an hour inside the purple crystal, the consciousness is really faster than the physical.

I cant wait to see look on their faces when I told them about my fight with Snow werewolf, I thought as I get out of the room.

"How was it?" Sophia asked just as I got outside, "Amazing!" I answered with a full smile, which startled all of them.

"Have you beaten the 2nd opponent?" Sophia asked tentatively.

She had experienced the power of 2nd opponent herself and knew how powerful they are, so when I told them I had an amazing fight, they all thought I had beaten the 2nd opponent.

I shook my head to that, "No, I was very badly beaten by it just like you." I said with a mirthless laugh while remembering one of the worst beatings I got during the fight.

Hearing my answer, I could see calmness returning to their faces, especially in Sophia's and Ben's. Team Leader had said that there isn't anyone in our team who could beat the 2nd opponent and If I had beaten in then I was hiding my power till now that I am way more powerful than others.

Though everybody has good intentions toward each other, if I am way too powerful than others and it is harder for them to reach that level then it is obvious that people around you will feel envious.

If Sophia had said what I said a moment ago, I would have also felt envious for a few moments, It is a natural thing to feel that.

"They why are you being happy?" Sophia asked vehemently, feeling I have intentionally played joked on her.

"I am happy because my second opponent was the Special Grimm Race Monster, a Snow Werewolf to be exact," I said with a laugh, hearing that all of them became shocked.

"What!" all of them said in unison with clear jealousy appear on their faces, especially on Sophia and Ben which I immensely enjoyed seeing.

"Are you not joking right?" Ben asked to which I just shook my head, "You are really a lucky bastard." Sophia muttered under her breath.

After that, all of them started to plague me various questions about the snow werewolf that it took me long fifteen minuits to answer everyone's questions.

"I'll go now!" said Richie and saying no one had objected, he walked toward the door.

Richie took eleven minuits and when he came back he was a little sad like ben and Sophia, he had little hope for 2nd challeng

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