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Though I gained control over my senses and body, I did not attacked impulsively and kept the act of withering and screaming in pain. I first decided to observe them sneakily at first, only attack when the time is right.

With the power of five seals, I am confident that I could kill them but I want to kill them swiftly without alerting anyone.

As for what the both of Black Viper snakemen are doing, they are watching me withering and screaming in pain. They seem to be getting some sort of sick pleasure doing this.

Their vigilance is minimum as the black-red fog still covering my body faintly, giving me a torturous pain that is getting intense every second.

While withering in the pain, I moved my hand toward my storage for my while sword, as for the red sword it had left my hand when it attacked me with the Black and read venom.

"Don, how much time do you think this lowly being would able to hold on to his consciousness?" asked black viper snakemen named Tek to its friend.

"This one is quite resilient, I say it will last for ten more minuits before its mind break due to pain." replied the Black Viper Snakeman named Don.

"I think you are wrong, look at its body and face. Its already reached its limit, It will not going to last more than two minuits." refuted Black Viperman named Tek.

It is this Tek bastard that threw the black and red ball of poison at me, I will sure pay special attention to it.

It's Time! I said when I take out the sword out of storage and stood up at the same time, seeing that they were extremely shocked but they did not have anything to say as my attack swiftly came at them.

This attack is not simple, this time I had decided to use my trump card. I had used both my Killing Rule and Sunfire Rule at the same time and the best thing is, I am not a feeling even bit of strain.

This is all because of the five seals of supreme combat exercise. Because of the five seals I got all the energy I mental energy I've needed to use both rules power together effortlessly and this time there is no time limit on it, I could now easily use both of my rule powers together for more than hour.

My sword is slashing toward them and it has only one aim which is to kill, Sunfire had given me all the power I've needed for this attack and Killing Rule has enhanced my senses with the help of it, I can see every movement of my enemy with crystal clear clarity.

Both the Grimm race monster was shocked seeing such a surprise attack from me but they reacted very quickly and launched their own attack to counter mine with their full power.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but laugh inside my mind. If it were before, I wouldn't be able to defend such attack but now I have no need to defend against them with the senses and reaction speed that my killing Rule had bestowed me, I could easily dodge their attack and let my attack pierce their bodies.

I let their saber came close to me and when they were just hand

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