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"Chew Chew Chew!" I heard the chirp while in sleep only to see Ashlyn is waking me up.

When I opened my eyes and looked at time, I found that it is a late-morning which is quite late for me since I usually wake up before dawn.

Well, Its good that I had slept late, my body had been too tense for the past few days, it needed a good rest.

"Good Morning Ashlyn!" I said sleepily as I tried to pet feather's but she is having nothing of that.

"Chew Chew Chew…" She started to chirp at me furiously saying she is feeling very hungry since its very late and I should give her something delicious to eat as soon as possible.

"Sorry!" I said gave her a packet of her favorite snack, she must be really hungry as our usual eating time is at dawn before leaving the apartment for the hunt.

After getting out of bed, I did my morning activities and started to make a simple lunch for us.

It took me forty-five minuits to cook the simple lunch and we ate in silence as we usually do. When dinner finished Ashlyn come inside me as I went to the living room and again activated the Temperature room.

Yesterday's practice had been immensely successful, it's just that the amount of poison was little, today I want us 10% which is double of what I used yesterday and if all went well then there are 50% chances that I will be able of break into Mid Level of Sergeant stage.

After setting the amount and timer for poison, I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique and supreme Combat exercise.

A few seconds after I started to perform Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise, I started to feel lacerating pain on every part of my body.

The pain came from the Black Red Poison of Black Viper Snakemen, due to its less amount, I did not feel the mind-breaking pain as the first time when I experienced it but it is still felt very lacerating and normal people would just fall unconscious if they experienced it.

This time there is no barrier of Sunfire on my skin so just as it touched my skin, it went inside because of its infiltrating trait, this poison has many traits one of which I like but also hate it.

I don't know how to say in words, its just that this poison is attack toward the living being, as the poison is released, it did not to any other place but directly come toward me like a magnet. Its like it attracts to life.

The first few poses went really well, the first ten posses of Body Cleansing Exercise which used to take me more than twenty minuits to perform, done by me in just two minutes and there is no bucket full of sweat below, just a few drops that are fell from my forehead.

Time passed by as I kept performing the Body Cleansing Exercise and with I finally reached the 21st pose of it, this pose is very important as at this the Black Red poison energy started to come out from the gaps of my cells.

Just as the small amount of Black Red poison energy came out, the miracle fruit energy which is feasting

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