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Time passed by and soon twenty minuits had passed since we started receiving the Eonic Blessing. From the intel, I know that that this process will last for half an hour and the last five minuits will be the hardest.

No one had fainted yet, everyone is screaming their lungs out but they kept holding on. Everyone clearly knew that as long as they could hold on for half an hour, they will get a big increse in strenth will help them survive in this ruin.

Five minuits passed and then suddenly the altars which were shining brightly have become resplendent that they downed the people that are sitting on them.


As the Altars became respondents, the intense pain shot through my body, this pain was ten times stronger than the one I had been feeling before.

I had been silent experiencing the pain earlier but this time I screamed, I screamed as loud as I can. The pain was really immense and bearing it I felt like my consciousness is loosening as the pain reached my limit.

I tightly gripped my mind tightly, not letting it loose even for a moment, becoming unconscious means stopping from receiving the blessing and I dont want that to happen, didnt want to lose even fraction of the blessing.

Seconds passed by excruciatingly but I can feel myself getting stronger every second, the blessing I received earlier was just the trickle compare to what I am receiving right now.

Time passed by as I kept experiencing the excruciating pain, every second had become long and unbearable that I thought it will never end when I found the resplendent of the altars are lessening and with it, the pain and the transmission of the energy had also started to lessen till it completly stopped.

I look at other's, only to find they are wretched state, the blood could be seen coming from their eyes, nose, ears, and Carter who was in the corner Altar sprayed is seemed unconscious.

Except for carter, everyone here had received the blessing fully as for the little bit blood that comes out their body parts, it was nothing as the injuries they have received through receiving the blessing was already healed by the Blessing.


Suddenly tower started to shake slightly and that exact moment, the altars started to glow again, I did not get worried seeing that as I know I will be soon transported out.

The light became bright and everything in front of me turned dark when everything cleared I found myself back in the forest.

"Look the tower is disappearing!" I heard, when I looked I found the tower is disappearing inside the earth.

I am not surprised seeing, when the palaces of fortune completed their trials, they either despair into the earth or crumble apart. It is disappearing means it will again appear out of earth one day to transmit another eonic Blessing.

As we were watching the tower disappear into the earth, I heard the footsteps, only to see six Grimm race monsters are coming toward us.

"Well, th

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