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Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise has brought me out of trouble many times, this time also they will get me out of this dangerous predicament.

I have already removed my clothes earlier, so just as the table and bed dissolved I got into the center of the room and started to perform the Body Cleansing Technique and circulating the supreme combat exercise.

I was not planning to perform the Body Cleansing Exercise in the Aferian Ruin as completly zapped ones physically and mentally and leaves one completly indefensible.

I dont didnt want to lie on the ground like dead fish when the enemy came and finish me off without me putting even a bit of resistance against it.

As I was performing, I looked at taking the strand of my mental energy looked inside me and was shocked by what I saw.

I inside me there was a flood of green medicine energy, every part of my body is getting stuffed with medicine energy and as the more meat get digested by my body, the more green energy spread inside my body.

I fucking got scared seeing this! There is no question that the green energy is medicinal energy and when I looked at how much meat I had digested I fucking got scared.

I have bearly digested the one forth of meat, there is still little more than 75% left to digest.

Just how much herbs that Fucking Viper ate to have this fucking much of medicine energy inside, I had barely eaten 1/2 kg of meat but that was enough to stuff me and pop me up like a balloon.

First, 24 poses went blur as I only felt minuit resistance but when I started to go above twenty forth, I started to feel light resistance.

I have to be faster, there is barely any effect showing and it is getting pumped up in me more and more, I have to be faster otherwise I will pop up like a balloon.

I started to perform faster and faster, I have never been this faster performing the Body Cleansing Technique.

Soon I reached the 48th pose and the medicine energy in me started to reach the peak, I have to quickly take out the energy of miracle fruit only it will be able to help me with this medicine energy but it will be difficult.

When I leveled up, I have had reached the 72nd pose, so if I have to summon out the energy of miracle fruit then I will have to perform till 76th or 78th pose.

Only reaching then will the energy of miracle fruit will come out to eat this medicine energy but I am nowhere close to the 78th pose and medicinal energy in me had already reached the limit I could bear.

My condition had gone so bad that there is faint smoke coming out of my body and the medicinal energy which had the healing nature has now turned completely to its nature and started harming.

Seeing that increased my speed again, I started to give my all performing the technique holding back nothing.

With such intense speed, I had reached the 60th pose and started to go even further.

As I was performing, I had noticed that some of the Green

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