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An hour passed and I finally get out of Abode, the wait was short but felt very long, I just wanted to go out even if it was dark but controlled myself somehow.

"focus on monsters more, if you sense any monster tell me immediately," I said to Ashlyn.

I have now shifted my priorities, now the monster has become my number one priority, even important than the precious medicine than the top 3 lists.

The meat of monsters is very essential for my advancements, I wished Ashlyn had a special sense toward monsters just like she had towards the precious plants.

Chirp Chirp!

Ashlyn chirped boldly saying leave everything to her, she will do her best to find the monsters. I could see the glint in her eyes, she only has a glint in her eyes when she is thinking about very tasty food.

"Let's Go then!" I said after I put the abode in my storage, the sun hadn't fully risen yet, there is still quite dark around, I should have waited half an hour more but I couldn't control my excitement and come out.

Before leaving, I had taken a few bites of delicious snake meat and because of that I am feeling slight heat all over my body, its good thing I have controlled myself and only took few bites if I would have taken few more, I would have had no choice but perform the Body Cleansing exercise which I really don't want to do that.

Performing the technique two times already a limit of mine, if I performed it third I would get mentally tired and it not wise to fight in the mentally tired state in a dangerous place like aferian ruin.

Chew Chew!

About twenty meters I've left my abode Ashlyn chirped again, I thought she had sensed monster near but it turned out, she just got the smell of the precious medicine.

I got a little disappointed but soon shook my head, the monsters may be the most important but precious medicine also important as well, they will help me exchange for the stuff I will need to forge my Totem Artifact.

So, I cautiously followed Ashlyn's lead and ten minuits later, I put the medicine in special medicine box and started to forward. My luck is quite good that there were no restriction on the herb, I just had to pluck and put into the special medicine box.

For the next hour, we didnt come across any Monster or precious medicine but we have across two humans and three teams of Grimm race monster.

One Grimm race monsters group ran way seeing how casually I am looking them despite them having high numbers and I am being alone but two teams decided to attack me, It didnt take Ashlyn five minuits of finished off both teams of Grimm monsters.

If it had been yesterday I and Ashlyn would have had to fight these group of monsters together and it would have taken quite a while to finish them off but now Ashlyn finished them within five minuits.

I wish that teams would have been stronger, so I could test my power I hope some strong strong opponent came across me.

'Chew Chew!'

Just as I thought that

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