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Ahead of the Treasured Palace, a group of humans and Grimm race monsters is fighting.

Of six Grimm race monsters, five of them are One-star elites at Major and Brigadier stage, as for the sixth one it has a mediocre strength, I could easily slay it with the slash of my sword.

The interesting things are there six Grimm race monsters are that of a different tribe, normally the Grimm race of different won't work together, they even hostile to each other.

They only worked together when there is an order from up, in the Grimm battlefield I've only seen the Grimm monster of the Different tribe worked together only one time.

But it is different when Grimm monsters enter the runes, they forget their hostilities for the time being in Ruin's and worked together to kill as much as humans possible.

The human side is clearly being suppressed, if its not for the leader of the human is keeping the leader of the Grimm race monster occupied, the three humans behind him would have already been dead.

Their condition didnt look good, all of them have some injuries on their bodies especially the leader who is fighting the leader of the Grimm race monster.

If the fights kept going on this pace then before the twenty minuits, all four of them would be dead by the Grimm monster's hands.

I wore a mask and walked out of hiding, they saw me soon after as I did not try to conceal any of my movements.

Seeing me coming, as frown emerged appeared on the Grimm Monsters face and smile on the humans.


The leader of the human was about to say something when one Grimm monster, left the group fight and came to attack me with the vicious expression.

The fellow humans wanted to come to help me but they were held down by the Grimm monsters.

"Brat you should not have come to interfere, now you can die and be our afternoon snack!" said attacking Ratman with its squicky voice.

I wanted to laugh hearing this Ratman. if it had been other five Grimm race monster, I would have been held down but this Ratman is not even a One Star Elite and it wanted to kill me, its really laughable.

Seeing its two small swords coming toward me, I simply moved a dodging both of its swords and slashed my sword at it.



Its head flew away from the rest of its body and fell on the ground, the fallen head had an expression of utter shock at the moment before dying.

The fight between the two groups come to end with the death of the one Grimm Race monsters and now the strength of two groups had become similar to each other.

"Friend its good you have to appear, with you being with us these Grimm race monsters won't able to stop us from entering the tower." Said the leader.

Of the four humans, there are two women and two men. They all have seemed about my age. Three of them are from the B Class Guild and one is from the A-Class guild who also became the de fact

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