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CLANK! Puh puh puh….

Thank God I was very vigilant when I entered through the door in the hall of Altars, I was attacked by the leader of the Grimm race monsters.

This Tigerman is very strong, just one attack of it was enough to make me vomit the blood.

This attack was at its full strength, not only it had summoned its Totem Spirit but it had also used its occult skill, otherwise simple attack from it would not be able to injure me internally.

"Hehe, you would have a chance to be alive if you hadn't interfered in the fight earlier but now you have no chance to leave this tower alive." said the Tigerman and attacked me with its metallic claws.

Clank! Puh...

I vomited another mouthful of blood, after the clash, if I am not wrong then this Tigerman is a little stronger than the 4th guild challenger.


It kept launching the flurry of the attack at me, giving no chance to properly defend myself.

"Give up! You dont stand a chance against me, if you give up now I promise to give you quick death!" said the Tigerman, stoping from its flurry of attacks.

Wiping my bloodied mouth from my sleeve, I looked at the Tigerman with a smile.

"Well its true, I will not be able to defeat you alone but with my partner, you won't be able to last more than five minuits," I said to Tigerman and asked Ashlyn to come out.

There are no restrictions in the hall of Altars about summoning one's monsters.

"Chew Chew…."

Ashly came out of me and started to chirp at the Tigerman fiercely.


"A little bird and one that is at Level 5, you want to tell me you will defeat me with the help of this little birdy which I could eat with a single bite," Tigerman said while laughing loudly, it is laughing so loudly that even tears started to come out of its eyes.

"Chew Chew!"

"Oh little birdy is angry at me, I AM SO SCARED!," said Tigerman with comic voice seeing Ashlyn turn angry.

I shook my head seeing that, this Tigerman really infuriated Ashlyn, its going pay the price of infuriating soon.

The Tigerman about to mock Ashlyn again when it saw Ashlyn summoning fireball and that fireball emitting intense fluctuation. Seeing that, it jumped at Ashlyn but I had already guessed, so I also jumped to intercept it.

"Fuck off!"

It said as it bore down its claws at me, wanting to swat me away like a fly.


My sword clashed against its claws and both of us blew back with me faster than it but it was enough, Ashlyn had more than enough time to make her special fireball which is the only the size of a small pearl.

I am not the only one who gained the inspiration from the blood drop, Ashlyn had gained more than me, whenever she has the time she would always comprehend from the blood drop.

The pearl of fire she had sent to the Grimm monster extremly dangerous as not only it is made of a very concentrated fire which almost made it semi-solid, it also contains Rule o

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