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"Boss would you really give us this Occult Tablet if we are able to find the miracle fruit?" asked one Apeman with anticipation as it concentrating looked at the tablet.

"Like I had said yesterday, I will give this Occult tablet to whoever brings me the Miracle fruit, I can even swear on pride of my Scarlet Leopardman tribe." It said as it waved tabled around the Grimm monsters.

Grimm monsters look at the tablet with extreme Greed in their eyes but no one dares to touch the tablet.

Seeing the Grimm monster waving the tablet, I really wish I had the strength of the Three Star Elite, I would surely leap of these bushed and attacked that Grimm monster with all my strength to get the tablet out of its hand.

Even if I had slightly weaker strength, I would have still attacked the Grimm race monster, just to have a chance at that Occult Tablet.

The value of that tablet immeasurable to me, I knew very well how much merit needed to get a chance to comprehend the occult skill in the guild, despite the whole month of intense hunting I was nowhere near the price of getting chance to comprehend the Occult Method.

How nice it would have been if I am able to have that tablet, that tablet would give me my personal Occult Method that I could comprehend whenever I want with no constraints of the time limit that guild and adventurers paradise put.

I started to look at each and every monster intently, trying to memorise the faces of each and everyone. I may not have the strength right now but if I am become strong enough in the future and come across that Leopardman again, I will sure try for that Occult Tablet.

After motivating everyone with the tablet, the Leopardman finally put the storage back into its storage and Grimm race monster started to walk again.

I am practically stopped breathing when the Group of Grimm race monsters passed by the bush where I am hiding and even practically jumped out when I felt the Grimm monsters sense passed by me.

It was a good thing that my killing Rule advanced yesterday otherwise I would not have been able to elude the sense of the Grimm monsters.

I slowly started to release my breath as the Grimm monsters went a little away from me. The Grimm monsters furtget her and further away from me till they completly disappeared from my eyes.

I heaved a sigh of relief seeing them disappeared from my views but I did not get out of my hiding place. I stayed hiding for a solid twenty minuits before I got out of the bushes.

Usually, I stay hidden for at least half an hour but this group of monsters clearly had a destination in mind, so I doubt they will return to the place they have walked.

Just to be safe, I started to walk opposite of the direction of that Tree Star Elite Grimm monsters group.

Time passed by and soon the late afternoon came and since morning, I haven't able to find the suitable opponent to fight, either they would be too strong or too weak.

But I am very hap

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