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Fuck I lucky! I thought ecstatically. I have never thought I would be lucky enough to come across the Palace of Eonic Blessing this is a huge thing.

The one thing those who came to Aferian Ruin most desires after the materials for the Totem Artifact is Eonic Blessing.

Eonic Blessing can directly increase one strength substantially. Even the lowest Grade of Eonic Blessing could be compared to the enhancement one get from 1 Amethyst Seal of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

The Palace of Eonic Blessing came in three Grades from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Grade 3 is lowest while Grade 1 is the highest Grade.

Grade 3 Eonic Blessing increse gives the enhancements comparable to the 1 Amethyst Seal, Grade 2 Eonic Blessing gives the enhancements comparable to the 3 Amethyst Seals and Grade 1 Eonic Blessing gives comparable to 5 Amethyst Seal.

These enhancements are huge, I know how much effort it took to make One Amethyst seal and now I could gain it as long as passed the test that Tower has.

The only regret that this Tower is only Grade 3 Palace of Eonic Blessing but I am fine with it as it will be giving me the strength I would normally get after months even year of painful circulation of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

There are six doors that mean there are only Six Eonic Blessing in the Tower and I plant to get two them, one for me and one for Ashlyn.

There is no restriction on how many people enter the door but the blessing only goes get by only six people.

I have read quite detailedly about the Palace Of Eonic Blessings and knew that real blood would be shed when we reach the blessing alter, so I will have to be first to clear the tests and enter the Alter Room, only then I could kill any Grimm monster or human who came in my way of getting two alters.

The Vigilance and Killing intent our heart sour as looked at each other but no one dared to lift their weapons.

"Shall we?" I asked the leader of the Grimm race monster, in the five Grimm race monster it is the only leader I am a little fearful of as for the other four I am not afraid of them even if four of them came at me together.

Seeing me motioning toward the door, It nodded started to walked toward the door's with me, I chose 1st door on the left while it chooses 1st on the write.

After reaching the door, we stood in front of it for a second before taking the step inside the door's together, as for that are those behind us they will be fine even if the Fight broke out.

The only one who could have made the difference is the Leader and now that he had taken the step inside the door with me, they will also enter soon after.

I found myself in a different place when I entered through the Gate, there is a stretch of about three hundred meters ahead of me before I could see the other door, just like the one I had entered.

From the intel, I've read there are usually two or three tests one has passed before I will be transported to the hall of Alter's.

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