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A few minuits later after the second Grimm race monster, the gate glowed again and another person walked in but this time it is not the Grimm race monster but sam.

He came quite vigilant with a big shield in front of him, ready to defend against the attack of the Grimm race monsters when his eyes fell on the two bodies of Grimm race monsters and me sitting in the corner and he was shocked.

He had expected to come under the attack of one or two Grimm race monster just as it entered the Hall of Altar's but he did not expect to the Grimm race monsters who he expected to face were lying dead and the new teammate he thought to have similar strength as his, is sitting quite relaxedly in the corner.

"Micheal did you kill them?" asked sam with incredulous expressions, "Do you see anyone else here?" I asked back with a light smile, hearing that Sam heaved a sigh of relief.

"Its good, now these two monsters dead other three would not be a problem." said sam as he stood front of the six gates, ready to deal with any Grimm race monster that appears from the gate.

A few minuits later, the gate glowed again and this time also a human came out instead of the Grimm race monster. It is a blond-haired girl named Liz.

She also looked shocked seeing the two bodies of Grimm monsters lying dead and started to ask a flurry of the question with a very happy face as she knew with these two Grimm race monsters dead, she is not safe but she will also able to get the eonic blessing.

The Girl was quite shocked when she heard the two Grimm race monsters killed by me and wanted some more questions when the gate started to Glow again this time, it is the Grimm race monster that came out.

It had just come out when the flurry attacks came at it, giving it no chance to defend.

I did not move from my spot to help them as two of them are enough to kill that Grimm race monsters and I were right as both of them killed that Grimm race monster withing three minuits.

They didnt have a chance to rest much as next minut the gate glowed again and another Grimm race monster came out, seeing that they started to drown the Grimm race monster in their attacks.

This one was quite strong as it took more than five minuits to get killed after the 4th Grimm race monster died, the gates stayed silent for more than fifteen minuits before glowing again and this time it human, a short girl named molly.

Another five minuits later, the Gate glowed again and the last Grimm monster came out and but it wasn't able to live more than half a minuits as attacks from three people killed it before giving it any chance to retaliate.

"All the Grimm monsters are dead now, as soon as Carter came we will be free to receive the blessing."Said Liz emotionally as he looked at the Altar's which are covered in the forcefield.

"Yes!" affirmed Sam and Liz as they looked at the six doors expectedly, wishing carter could come as soon as possible.

Time passed by and a

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