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The hole of my abode closed automatically after I entered my abode, this abode is Peak Knight Grade and has one of the best defensive powers amongst the Knight Grade Abode.

The only downside it has is its size, it gives a very small space compared to the other Knight grade abodes.

It can be said to have a similar space as the studio apartment, it has a tiny room that had barely enough space for one bed and a small table, the adjacent kitchen and Bathroom also tiny.

There is one other room in it which has 1.5 square meter space, it can be used for anything but seeing how small that space is, one could only use it for meditation.

This Abode's defensive power is quite good that it can even resist the attacks of the Five Star Elite for more than an hour, so even the strongest being in this Ruin would take more than than one hour to break the defense of this abode.

There is no fear of being trapped in this abode, as long as I command it, it will dig the hole for me to exit within a hundred square meters of this abode.

After entering the abode, the first thing I've done is to take the bath. I have accumulated quite a bit of filth and dried blood on my body, it now time to clean it.

After I got out to shower wearing fresh clothes, I started to take out monster meat and cooking ingredient from my storage. I am very lucky that in the whole day, I have come across many monsters and which gave me quite a choice about today's dinner.

I chose one meat of monster and started to make the dinner, while I am making the dinner Ashlyn stood not far from me watching every movement of mine.

Usually, she didnt stay as in kitchen when I make the dinner but today she seemed very happy as she stood beside me watching me make the dinner.

The dinner is finished within an hour and we both ate till our stomach full, especially Ashlyn who had laid herself on the small table with her eyes closed.

"Ashlyn, you sleep first I will wake you up after six hours," I said to Ashlyn.


Ashlyn replied and fell asleep withing. Three times the gravity of this Ruin did not seem much but when experience it for hours, it made one very tired.

I am also feeling very tired and wanting to sleep but did not as I have to keep the watch, in this realm one could not be more careful, no one can tell when something drastic will happen.

That is why keeping the watch is very important. As Ashlyn slept, I kept watching on the tens of screen while studying a skill on my holowatch, whenever the senses alerted me I would look up to see what is happening.

The night is when the monsters get active the most, in just hour I saw five monsters passed above my abode and one Grimm race monster if any one of them would have noticed my abode, they would have surely attacked it.

'Finally finished!' I said as I closed the window on my holowatch, this is the third skill I have fully studied after the physical skill and Skywalking skill.


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