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Without wasting any time, I removed the swirling armor and the Sunfire Rule and completly covered myself with the killing energy of the killing Rule.

After I had done that, I found the thicked shrubs and bushes around me and hit myself between them.

Let's hope this cover of Killing Energy will stop whatever terrifying danger that coming toward us.

Killing energy of Killing rule had many uses and one of them is stealth, as long as I do not make any sound. The killing energy will stop any of my vital leakings.

It acts like invisibility cloak against the senses, if the energy power is not much stronger than me then it will be very difficult for the enemy to find me if the enemy is totally depended on his soul sense.

But the enemy that is coming toward us seemed to be very strong, otherwise, she would not have behaved this terrified.

I controlled my breathing as much as possible and waited.

The excruciating seconds passed as I lay in bushes with fear on my face and heart, hoping that danger would not come to my way but I am not that lucky as three minuits later, I heard the faint sound of steps.

Time passed by and the sound of steps getting faster and faster, till finally two minuits later I was able to silhouette of the enemy from the bushes.

It is about ten meters ahead of me and from what I can I see, it is a Grimm race monster of the Frogman tribe as for specific tribe, I wasn't able to tell as the gree skin it has is common amongst the frogman tribe.

There are frogmen were rarely seen on the dry land like this, they are usually found where water is abundant like lakes, river or marshlands.

This frogman looked quite carefree, without the care for the world as it singing some weird melody in the language that is unknown to me.

It was just walking when it suddenly, seeing that my heart skipped a beat and I stopped breathing fearing it will notify me if I make even the slightest noise.

It stayed still for a moment before a long cleaver magically appears its hand and its slashed up and soon a hand size snake is split into two but my eyes not on the snake or the huge cleaver on the snakemen's hand but on its forehead.

Fuck! Its no wonder Ashlyn was so scared earlier, only Three Star Elite as this could make her scared so much.

Earlier when it moved to killed the snake, I was able to see the three-star on its forehead.

Three Star Elite are insanely powerful, I have seen it with my own eyes, the fight of Team leader and that leader of the Violet Apeman is still very clear in my eyes.

After killing the snake, its tongue swept up the two parts of its, the frogman started to walk with the casual gait.

With it being Three Star Elite, a very few things could pose a threat to it, as long as it did not take any big risk, it could easily survive this ruin.

A minute later, it had disappeared from my view but I still did not move from my spot, I stayed on my spot for nearly an hour befo

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