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'This is a good place' I thought half an hour later after I took out Blacklist Flower out runic restrictions. Finding the good to set up an abode is a very difficult task, I have to search for half an hour before I found the good place to set off my abode.

It is well hidden and my abode could make exit points within the hundred-meter range without facing any problem.

I activated my abode and started placing the sensors and cameras around the camp before entering inside my abode. After entering about, I want to start cooking right then but I am so filthy that have to go take a shower first.

"Chew Chew!"

Ashlyn started chirping me loudly as I get out of the bathroom after taking a quick shower, she wants me to make the dinner quickly as possible and she is also demanding one other thing.

Standing in front of the small kitchen counter, I take out the two boxes both of them contain the snake parts but their value is different.

One box contains the Vipers meat and others contain Vipers gallbladder which is one of the important parts of the snake but also very dangerous as sometimes it is known to give severe side effects.

This is why I have decided against eating it. I will it when I confirmed it is safe to eat, there are many monster expert in fort cavendish that one could consult to.

"We will eat when we go back home," I said to Ashlyn. I put the box with snake gallbladder back into the storage and started to make the dinner with the meat of the Viper.


Just as I added the meat in the oiled pot, a wonderful smell started to come out of the meat, not only it had the smell of snake meat but there is also the heavy smell of medicine in it.

This bastard of the Viper must have eaten lots of precious plants otherwise it would not have become this strong this early.

After killing it, I have remembered the name of the Viper from the documents of the Aferian Ruin, this snake is one of the most common monsters with mediocre strength know as fern snake.

I would have easily able to kill the normal Major stage fern snake but this fern snake that had grown up in Garden and only being at Sergeant stage had nearly killed me.

If such low-level monster could grow this powerful eating the precious plants in the Garden then what will happen if the monster of higher species and potential grown in the Garden, it would be a terror.

From what I have seen in the day, there are not many monsters in the garden otherwise seeing the rate of their growth they would have scourged the Garden apart.

So there must be fairly fewer monsters in the Garden but each of it will be very powerful seeing they have all grown up eating the precious plants in the Garden.

I have to very careful of them, I have barely able to defeat this one if I come across the stronger one, then I will have no chance but to run.

"Ashlyn makes a fire a little stronger," I asked Ashlyn. This viper's meat could not be cooked by the f

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