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Today is the day when they will connect to the Aferian Ruin, the outpost is buzzing with this news and nearly half the people of the Outpost going to enter the Ruin.

There will be millions of people going to enter the Ruin from the different outposts that are spread across the continents and these are numbers of humans.

The Grimm monsters that will be going to enter the Ruin will be three to four times greater than that. It will be going to be absolute mayhem with these millions of beings present.

I will not only have to fight those from the foreign race but also from the foreign race.

In the past month, I had made all the arrangements I need to make to go to the Aferian Ruins and even added some more things when they send the notice of telling that this time Aferian Ruin will stay open 58 days instead of the usual 35 to 40 days like previous three times.

That is about double time than the previous times and that made things even more dangerous, the less time means less death and now that Aferian Ruin going to stay active for 58 days, the deaths will be higher this time.

I couldnt help shudder when I thought about what I will going to be facing in the Aferian Ruin, the bloodbath will occur between many places and warlike battles would be fought between the humans and the Grimm race monster. It will very frightening but also very exciting.

I am not thinking these things with my imagination, these are solid facts that I read about about the Ruins.

This time my target in the Aferian Ruin will be finding as much as precious materials for my Totem making as I could.

I am now the peak of the Sergeant stage and there is a very high chance that I will be going to level up to the Master stage in the next session of Body Cleansing Technique which I will be going to perform in a few minuits.

So, there will be going to be only the Master stage before I reach the Lieutetenent Stage there I will be creating my Totem Artifact.

For the quality of the Totem Artifact, it is very necessary for it to be forged with extremly precious materials, only then it will be continuously get advanced with its user if one used the normal material's then the Totem Artifact will not be able to keep up with the user's progress.

In my team, everyone is at lieutenant stage including the twins who leveled up to Lieutenant stage two days ago, they could have leveled up to Lieutenant stage months ago but they have been intentionally holding back to purify their mana to 95%.

With high-level materials, one also needs to have high purity mana to refine the perfect totem artifact and it is said having 95% mana before leveling up to the Lieutenant stage is very good.

My whole team is going to enter the Aferian Ruin, including Rachel and Leo who both were finally able to clear the 3rd guild challenge yesterday.

Well, it is the only right thing they do as just yesterday both of them were able to kill the One Star Elite with their o

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