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I am burning with the Killing intent, I have never felt such killing intent before for anyone in my life.

In this Grimm battlefield, I've many times seem bones of humans littered around and even saw human parts as bait to lure other humans but I have never seen a Grimm Race monster's actively eating the human parts in front of me.

There are five One Star Elite in this Group of Grimm race monster and of which two of them stronger than the other three and currently, I am running toward one of the strongest of two One Star Elite.

He is also the one who just spoke with the mouthful of human meat in its voice.

As I ran toward it, the fire armor had covered my hands and feet and the swirls started to appear on them, concentrating the armor by the time I will reach the Grimm race monster.

Fire Strike!

I launched the fire strike at one weaker One Star Elite as I am moving toward the stronger one. Fire Strike is almost useless against ant Brigadier stage Grimm race monster to be it the normal ones or the One Star Elite.

I did that because I wanted to attract that other Grimm Race monster toward me also, so they could not attack the Rachel and Leo, both of then are not powerful enough to beat the One Star Elite yet.

With my attack as a provocation, weaker One Star Grimm race monster will sure come at me to attack, the Grimm race monster had immense arrogance and they consider us humans nothing but the food, so whenever the food attack then on its own, they got angry at attacking him like a rabid dog.

"Die Monster!"

Finally, I had reached close to the Grimm race monster and attacked with my full strength, holding nothing back as screamed loudly at it to die, which I rarely do but now I am furious enough that I wanted to scream loud as I can.

Seeing my sword toward it, the monster replied with the light blade of it while still holding the human thigh on its other hand which it had been eating.

CLANK….. Thud Thud…..

Our weapons clashed and to my utter shock, I had to take a few steps back to defuse the blow while it stood rooted on spot with such small shake which seemed to surprise it little as a casual look on its face vanished but next second the casual look on its face came back.

This Strong One Star Elite is really strong, just casual defense of it was it was enough to make me take a step back couple of steps. It was a good thing I had used my full strength from the start.

Just as it finished defending against my attacks, It started to take a bite of human thigh leisurely which made the killing intent in me rise even further.

I wanted to stop it from taking another bite but I couldnt as I have to defend against the attack that is coming from the weaker One Star Elite which I had attracted a second ago.


I defended against the attack without taking a step back, which shocked the Strong One Star Elite as it took the step back.

"Careful, Zoa this one is little stong." said t

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