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"Are you fine Leo?" I asked seeing him standing frozen like a wooden block, it had been a few seconds since I had beaten the monster and it had even fallen on the ground making a loud sound but that wasn't enough to make Leo wake from his daze.

I can understand what he is going through, such close contact with death had put him in a shock that froze his body and mind to save him from having a big trauma.

It is an instinctive reaction of the brain, I had also gone through this once when I training in the westblood.

Such an incident left quite a scar in one's mind which made some people leave this dangerous life altogether for a peaceful life as they couldnt get over the dreadful moments they faced.

I have come across many many people who have done that in the westblood, I hope Leo won't leave as very few people could come back after leaving once.

"Are fine Leo?" I asked loudly this time seeing no response coming from him.

"Yes yes, I am fine now. Thank you for saving my life by the way," said Leo with the very shaking voice, he still didnt seem coming out of that moment but who would?

"Man, that was quite an attack. I have come close to death many times but this time was closest," said Leo with a dry laugh.

Seeing him laughing after experiencing such a close shave with the death, I heaved a sigh of relief. He will be fine, maximum he will have to take some counseling if there is some mental scar.

Psychiatry is a booming business in a place like Grimm Battlefield, I think the only noncombat field that has a similar number of personal as prostitutes they will psychiatrists.

There are a huge number of them in this Outpost more than Westblood city. The westbound city may be the city of adventures that have many adventures but it couldnt compare to this outpost where more than 95% are powerhouses.

In the westblood, I had taken counseling for a month to deal with the stress of breaking the seal on Ashlyn and I have to say, it helped me good to cope with the stress I had.

"Let's clean the battlefield quick and leave!" Said Sophia and quickly started to clean the battlefield which is harvest the Mana crystal's from the monster and take the stuff they are having.

We finished the harvesting within ten minuits, of the four monsters that killed by use, half of harvested Mana Crystal's by taken by us three while other halfway taken by the Leo and Rachel.

They didnt want to take it at first, saying they didnt kill any Grimm monster but at our insistence they finally took it.

We stopped at the battlefield for half an hour to let Leo and Rachel have some rest and let them heal their injuries before leaving for the outpost as there is only half an hour till the time of our original time of leaving.

On leaving, we cross the river again to leave from the Colonel stage area as if we were to leave from the Brigadier area then it would probably take us night and we might even lose a member of two.


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