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"I WILL KILL YOU!" It shouted and came at me, its speed was faster than ever before, it had become completly blur and before I know it I saw it's sword coming at my neck.

I had expected it make such move and without waiting, I swung my sword to counter it, though the speed and might of my sword low lower than it but it will still able to counter it.

CLANK! Puh! Thud Thud Thud…..

A loud clank rang out and immense force traveled inside me bypassing the passing through the defense of my fire layer as force and Occult energy traveled inside me but most of it was blocked by the layers of Rule power created by me Ashlyn but some of it still able to seep inside me, injuring my internals and making me vomit blood from the mouth.

This move is very powerful, if not for me creating the 3rd amethyst seal, I would be directly killed by this move without surviving, through I had survived I still got seriously injured and this very moment, the force and Occult energy is now rampaging my body injuring me further.

It got surprised by me surviving me its attack but did not give me even second of rest as it attacked while I was still taking the steps back to manage the force.


Another clash and this time it was stronger than earlier and this time I saw the real power of the Occult energy.

The Occult energy again entered my body and merged with existing energy that was already rampaging inside, with occult energies merging they created a terrifying effect.

The Occult energy which was just injuring me like normal Occult energy had turned slight cold and suddenly it started to decay my body. Whenever that occult energy would be passed, it would decay that part of my body.

Due to it, I started to vomit grey blood which had horrifying smell and bits and pieces of flesh inside it.

It was a good thing I had a strong body which strengthened by the furnacing effect of Body Cleansing Exercise, the Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise and not to forget the miracle fruits I ate.

It all made my body quite resilient, it may be not as strong as the Grimm race monsters but the resiliency of my body definitely could catch up to the Grimm race monster of the same level as me.

With all that and Rule powers protection of me and Ashlynn, I was able to keep most of the decaying type occult energy at bay. If Leo or Rachel at my place who are two levels higher than me, their whole body would have decayed within the minut.


It is getting harder and harder for me to keeping the energy at bay, with every attack the more energy will attack me.

It is right to say that the Occult energy had already crossed the threshold, even if it stopped attacking my death is guaranteed, as the dam of Rule power's we have created to keep the occult energy at bay had started to break and more and more energy occult energy started to spread inside me.

The most terrifying this I am not feeling any pain, this decayed type

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