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There is one hope in this utterly hopeless situation and that is Supreme Combat Exercise, I have already circulated till the 14th move of the supreme combat exercise and if I am able to circulate ten even more than I will be able to create 30 th seal which will turn into the 3rd amethyst seal.

Which will give me enough to fight against it head-on and not get badly beaten by it but it will all depend on my circulation, I am already in very dire strait if I was not able to create the 30th seal within the four minuits maximum then even god will not able to dave me from going to underworld.

Bang Bang Bang...

One after another, I kept getting attacked every second. Its attacks are so swift that it is not giving me even second of time if I had even second of time, that would be enough for me drink the potion bottle and increased the chance of my survival but this bastard that is attacking me is not giving me a second.

The nine minuits of survivilibily had become even less and seen that I started to circulate the energy of even more faster that more than half of the veins on my head had already popped up and I started bleeding from nose, ears, and eyes.

15th, 16th, 17th still the speed of my circulation is slower than the attacks of the Hyenamen.

Ashlyn is calling me to let her our but I had not, I am getting an inkling in my mind that it is not the time to let out.

I am getting pale and paler but my shield never left my hands, I have put away my sword the moment after I killed the weaker One Star Elite as I had known that to defend against the attacks of stronger Hyenamen, I have to completly focus on my defense.

As I taking its beating and getting injured, suddenly an idea came into my mind which will help increse the time of my survival by a minute or two.

The fire that had been covering my shield started to dissolve and next movement, it started to appear on the shield. I had dissolved the fire cover from my legs as it had been no use as the Hyenman's speed is lot move faster than me that even if I had used the rocket jump, it is easily able to catch up to, so it would be much better if I use the fire on my legs to cover my shield as it will use me block some force that is injuring me every second.

Soon my shield completly covered in fire and small swirls started to appear on the shield but soon I had realized that my idea had the fatal flaw and that is bearing the force of the attack.

The swirls are bearing the direct force of the attacked, whenever the attacks land on my shied it created a strong vibration and that vibration immediately destroyed the swirls I have created.

I had felt defeated and about to call back my fire from the shield and wanting to cover my hands full with the fire, another idea came at me.

This idea is simple, due to shield having the biggest size why don't I create big swirls instead of small, instead of creating small swirls, I could create big swirls which will be more

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