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Soon we saw the fourteen Grimm race monsters ahead us and continue running toward them without care.

The Grimm race monster in front of us is the were werewolf's, one of the most common Grimm monster tribes and also the one we are most familiar fighting with.

Hearing the sound through the Grass the Werewolves looked at us and a very big smile appeared on their ugly faces and one did not have to be very smart to read the eaning behind their ugly smile.

They are probably thinking that the food itself is walking into their mouth's but they will soon know that we are the food but reaper with the sharp scythe that will kill them and then harvest them.

Seeing us coming them, they vigilantly summoned their totem spirit and leaped toward us.

I have to say the Grimm race monster's in the Mid-level hunting ground are little smart compared to the dumb ones in the low-level hunting ground, when they see the enemies coming toward them, they will first summon their Totem Spirit before attacking their opponent, no matter what the strength of their enemies is.

"Friends kill them and will have an early lunch." shouted one of the werewolf as they lunged at us.

I wanted to laugh seeing how wrong their thoughts are, in front of twins and me, they are akin to chickens now.

"Die you, Weakling!"

Shouted one of the werewolves that attacked swung its claws at me, there are three werewolves attacking me. The strongest one is attacking from the front while the other two from the left and right.

Chi Chi Chi

I covered my sword with the fire and swung it from left to write, as my sword is drawn the ark, it had produced the faint 'Chi' sound three times before it went back to my sheath by my waist.

Thud Thud Thud

Three Grimm monsters fell on the ground with extreme shock written on their unconscious faces. I have had defeated the three Werewolves with a single strike of mine and I am not only one, but the two other people in my team had also done the same, even better.

Sophia and Reina had finished their fight in a single move just like mine, its just that they have beaten the four Grimm monsters. I would have been able to do the same if not for only three Grimm monsters attacking me.

While three of us finished the fight early, two of our team members are still fighting.

Leo had already heavily injured the single Werewolf he is fighting and should be able to fight within a few seconds.

As for Rachel, she is showering the Rain of arrows at the two werewolves that are running toward's her, looking at the might of her arrows, these two werewolves would be dead before they can cross the halfway distance to her.

Zip Zip… Bam!

Ten seconds later, the battle is over, our team needed less than thirty seconds to finish of the 14 elite Colonel stage werewolf.

If Someone had told a week ago that I will be able to do this, I would have called that person mad and even beaten him bad but now I am really capable

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