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Just as it finished speaking, it leaped at me. This time its speed is ten times faster than before.

I paled seeing it coming at this speed I paled as I know how much this attack will cost me. If it landed on my body then the only outcome will be my death and even if I am able to defend against it with my shield, my outcome will be bad.

The force that attack will transmit to me will tear every part of my body that I will become directly unconscious by it, just like the Violet Ape did when I attacked it with my power blast.

Seeing him coming at me, I released all the momentum I am building to crack the final wall to create the 30th seal but it was no use as the momentum hadn't been completly built but I kept trying as I tilted my shield as fast as I can to defend against the extremly fast sword that is just a few inches from me.


A loud bang rang out as the sword of the Hyenamen crash across my shield and that moment time slowed down and I am able to everything happening to me in slow motion with crystal clear clarity.

The first thing happened when its sword clashed across me is the fire that was covering my shield went puff, it did not even put up any resistance as it went puff.

Puffing the fire on my shield, the force crashed across my fiery hands that were holding the shield and the fire that covered my hands also went puff as it tsunami-like force crashed across my hands.

After puffing away the fire from my hands, the tsunami of force directly crashed on my body like a bulldozer and I felt my body is falling down like a rocket.

That was just starting, as I am crashing toward the ground the force that entered inside me begins to tearing and cracking every muscle and bone of my body.

If not for developing a very high tolerance for pain from the poison training, I would have surely fainted after experiencing pain and while I was experiencing the inhuman pain, I am also trying to breach the wall to create the 30th seal of the supreme Combat Exercise but it was no use.


I finally crashed on the ground with the bang, this bang nearly broke all the already cracked bones in my body, there had been never a single bone in my body that I had been broken by the crash.

I could see the blood is coming out of every part of my body, there is no single place that is injured and blood isn't coming out of it.

I could feel my brain wanting to turn my conscious off save my trauma but I resisted it as I know once the close my eyes, what I will experience after opening them will be worse than hell.

I fell indignation but I did not accept defeat as I continuously crashed across the wall to create the 30th seal.

Crack Crack...Bang!

Finally, after much of my tries, there was finally a crack and seeing that, I increased the momentum. The cracks kept spreading as I crashed across the wall and finally able to break it with a bang.

It may look like a minute would have passed since the hyen

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