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Time ticked by and in such five days passed since we formed a new team and started hunting in Black Grass Prairie.

In the past five days, I have to say our team had improved beyond my expectations, especially the two new members of my team, Rachel and Leo, their improvement was greater than we had expected.

On the first day both of them barely able to defend against the Elite Brigadier Stage Grimm race monster and now they are able to kill it, though they take nearly an hour to kill a single brigadier stage Grimm race monster, it is still an immense improvement.

The first three days they only took a heavy beating, so much that one time Raina had to save Rachel's life from the Grimm race monster second day.

Of the two, Rachel was the first one to kill the Elite Brigadier stage monster, she killed it on the 4th day and a day after that Leo was also able to kill the elite Brigadier stage.

They also made quite a progress in Body Cleasing Exercise, that just in the three days they both have gone through the 1st Cleasing which increse their power indirectly.

As twins, they have also made progress in Supreme Combat Exercise as Sophia was bragging about it quite loudly, they have both gone through 2nd cleansing and now swiftly moving toward the 3rd Cleansing.

As for me, I have also made quite a progress not only I went thought the 4th cleansing, but I also had able to create the 29th seal finally that I have been trying to create this seal for more than ten days.

That is not the only progress I've made, I can now able to fully harness the power of the Swirling Armor with thought and even brought down the time of its summoning to five-second.

One second may seem like small progress but it is huge, one second is enough to create the difference between life and death. In the next ten days, I am planning to cut the time of summoning to the three-second.

If I am able to bring down the swirling Armor's time of summoning to three-second then it would be really helpful in the Aferian Ruin where danger exits at every step.

Two days ago, I got my weekly quota to attempt the guild challenge and I used it, effectively clearing the Guild challenge with some effects and as for the fourth challenge, it was harder than I expected.

I thought with my increse in strenth, I would able to last at least ten minuits but to my surprise, I was barely able to last a minute and that was only because of rocket jumps I took with the help of my swirling armor to dodge the fourth challenger's attacks.

If not for that, I would have been beaten back within a few seconds, that's how powerful the 4th challenge was and because of this hard beating I took, I was able to go through the 4th minor cleansing and create 29th seal on the very night.

That was a really great surprise for me which help me immensely next day as we have come across the team of 26 Elite Grimm race monster, that day was the fastest I've ever killed any Brigadier

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