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"Sophia, tell me you have good news?" I asked her as I received her call, I am desperately hoping she had found us new member's otherwise we would have to search on the guild forum which I really dont want to do for various reasons.

"Of course I did, if I didnt then I would have just messaged you," Sophia said with the extra-bright smile, I just about asked her about the members when she self-started to tell me about them without me asking.

"Two of my friends have agreed to join our team, they both are rookies and S Class guild like us, one is Silver Butterfly while the other one is from Black Cloud." She said.

One of her friends should be female as Silver Butterfly, I hope the second new member of my team male otherwise the only man in the team going to feel very awkward.

Well, it's good they are both from the S Class Guild, their strength should be good, it would be quite nice if she had managed to get a strong and experienced member.

"You dont have to worry about their strenth's, both of them have the combat score above 10000," said Sophia as if she had read my mind.

Combat Score above 10000 is good, they will least able to keep up with us, its not like I am looking down on them but in these fifteen days of training periods, our strenth had increased explosively especially though that chance that map had brought to us.

"Do you want to meet them tomorrow?", asked Sophia, "I am currently busy in the training, I will meet them the day after tomorrow," I said.

I really dont have time as till today, I had still not perfectly mastered the fire move I have been working on, so I could only meet them when we leave outside for hunt.

"Ok!." Sophia said understanding my meaning, we talked some more about the Mid-level hunting ground we are going hunt and some other stuff.

A few minuits later we said goodbye after we discussed everything about the hunting plan of the day after tomorrow.

I directly went for the shower after I finished my call with Sophia, I have been in the temperature Room since I practiced Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise in the morning and now it is evening.

I get out of the shower feeling refreshed and started to cook the dinner, after eating it I again read till the night before practicing Supreme Combat Exercise and Body Cleansing Exercise.

The next day passed by and it was the same as yesterday, the only difference is that I was happy today and the reason is that I am now able to compress the fire armor at 1.5 inches within six seconds and I think it will be stable enough during the battle.

I am also decided to change the names of little of my moves, I have now decided to call Fire Armor A Swirling Armor, seeing there are countless beautiful swirls on it and also Fire Armor is quite a common name as many people covered their body with fire and call it Fire Armor, So it is better changing its name to the Swirling Armor.

The second name I changed is that

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