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Finally, Master Stage, from childhood I have dreamed about reaching the Master stage as one at least needed to be the Master stage to participate in the League of Heroes.

I now had the basic requirement to participate in the League of Heroes, though the Master stage easily got eliminated in the competition and my past self also knew that but for a boy from the small town, it was a big thing to reach the Master stage.

I calmed my heart from the past memories and about to go for the shower as I am stinking very badly when I noticed Ashlyn becoming silent.

I tried to call her telepathically but there was no response from her and that scared the shit out out of me.

I quickly concentrated and entered my source and there I saw the same scene I saw when Ashlyn had eaten the blood drop and went into the deep sleep.

So, it is happening again, I thought while heaving the sigh of relief but also feeling very happy.

In Ashlynn's source, a thin bine of blood energy is extended from the Blood Drop to the Ashlyn source, like last time Ashlyn's source is sucking off the energy from the blood drop.

I am very happy seeing this as the last time when this happened, the power of my ability had increased the leaps and pounds and seeing it is happening again, this time also my fire ability will be advanced by leaps and bounds.

Seeing it will take some time, I sat cross-legged and concentrated on the Blood Drop.

There are still six hours before I leave my apartment for Central Square, so I definitely have enough time to spend on concentrating on the blood drop.

Time passed by and over time my the source of Ashlyn and mine got brighter and brighter while I kept concentration on the blood drop, seeing the blurry images of Monster.

Once in a while, I would get lucky and would able to see some tiny clear sport on the blurry images which kept giving me some inspiration about my swirling armor.

That is not the only benefit I am getting, I am also comprehending from that faint fire rule which is benefitting me in my comprehension of my Sunfire Rule.

Both of my rule power just steps away from reaching the Middle Level of the Basic Stage especially the Sunfire Rule, I just need small understanding which would be able to merge all the scattered understanding I've gained about the Sunfire, as soon as I've gained that understanding, my rule will instantly advance to the Middle level of Basic Grade.

Time passed and finally after more than two hours later Ashlynn's source stop sucking the energy from the Blood Drop.

This time Adhlyn's source had sucked little more energy than the last time but still if both of the time combine, Ashlyn's source barely able such 2% energy from the blood drop.

This may sound less but it is absolutely huge, this blood is from the King Stage beast which supremely powerful, to take the 2% energy from it is a terrifying thing and I still wonder where did the energy Ashlynn's source suck off g

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