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"Micheal!" screamed jill as she saw big golden brown fists coming toward me.

Without caring for the fists that are coming toward me, I smiled at her carefreely.

Despite me giving her nonchalant smile, I could see she is coming toward me at full speed with his intention of saving me.

Seeing that a weird smile comes across Andy's face and he attacked once again.

He calculated his attack perfectly and did not launch attack jill instead launched at me as with jill speed she would be able to intercept these blows coming at me but she will be hit by andy's second attack if she were to do that.

Despite seeing she will get hit by andy attack if she were to save me, she did not stop instead increased her speed more to the limit.

Seeing jill coming to save me despite having high chances of getting heavily injured, my heart warmed and also anger appeared in my heart for Andy.

That moment, I infused all power of Sunfire in my speed skill and on to my sword, this is the first time I have been using the full power of Sunfire.

Till now all the battles I've fought, I did not use more than 45% percent of it as It was more than enough to crush my enemies but seeing such despicable action of Andy, my heart is boiled over, wanting to teach a good lesson to andy.

With the power of Sunfire infused with my speed skill, I became a blur as I moved toward the toward big golden brown fists that are coming toward me.

After getting close enough to the big golden brown fists, I swung my sword at it, its speed is so fast that even I am barely able to catch sight of it.

As my sword touched the first big golden brown fist, it suddenly evaporated without even putting the resistance, one moment it was there, the next moment it disappeared completely.

I did not wait for anything and swung my sword at all the big fists that coming toward us, effectively diffusing all the attack that came toward the hill.

As I was I attacking the hill, I sensed small vibration for Rule but it disappeared quickly before I could be completely sure what it was.

The danger isn't over yet, there is still lethal attack coming toward jill, I again turn blur and sped toward the attack that is coming toward jill.

I appeared in front of that attack and swung my sword at the fists, with each swing of my sword multiple fists gets evaporated into nothing.

When I finished with my attack and took a slight look at jill, I found her completely astonished and shocked.

Her cute beautiful face has formed a complete O seeing my power, I would have loved to take a photo of her shocking fact to tease her later but first I will give a small lesson to this Andy.

Turning blur once again, I moved toward any and seeing me coming at him, he seemed to prepare and about to launch an attack at me as both fists are covered in red energy.

I smiled seeing his fist coming toward me and attack at his fists with my sword.

As our weapons about to clash, I to

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