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The next morning when I woke up, I was feeling quite weak. Last night after drinking, I had performed a Body Cleansing Technique.

Just like before, I was not able to get past the twelfth move but It was still helpful as the energy of Miracle Fruit had increased a little.

If I keep performing the technique daily then not only I will get a strong and flexible body, I will also be able to level up to the Sergeant level quickly.

Waking out of bed, I directly went to the bathroom to do my morning activities, after showering I started to make a meal for us.

Today I am going to the adventurers Paradise and later in the evening, I was going to meet up with Jill, I got her message last night when I was performing the Body Cleansing Technique.

I ate breakfast with Ashlyn silently, while eating she did not even look at me.

Last night I did not give a drink, that made her angry and now she is giving me the cold treatment.

After eating breakfast and cleaning plates, I walk out of my apartment with Ashlyn on my shoulder. She is not talking to me, that does not mean she will stay in the apartment alone.

The hovercar already waiting for me when I got out of my apartment building, I had ordered it ten minutes ago to take me to the Adventurers Paradise.

Fifteen minutes later, I saw the big building of Adventurers Paradise, getting out of Hover Car I walk into the building.

As I entered inside it, I was shocked by the crowd inside. Seeing the cars outside, I thought there would be a crowd but did not expect this much.

There was barely any place inside to take a step on the first floor, I don't think the higher floor would be in much better.

I can understand why the building is so crowded, It is because of the Minerva realm.

People had got a lot of things from the Minerva realm, especially those who entered the awakening ground.

These people likely come to post the rare things they got from the Minerva Realm to get a high price, not in this contrived but from other countries of the continent as well.

The trading network of Adventurers Paradise is really huge, It spammed across the whole continent. With just paying extra fees, people could find a buyer from across the continent.

Normally people didn't sell their things on the continental network as whatever thing they posses did not worth giving 25% of the price of their stuff to adventurers paradise but now it is different.

The stuff they are selling had come from the Central continent which rarely found in the continent, so, the seller could ask for sky-high price and those who want it will buy it.

It's all a game of Supply and Demand.

Seeing this crowd, I thought it would be really hard for me know where I should go to Register but a few minutes later I saw the projection of notification saying Registration of Rule power is on the 35th floor.

Seeing the notification, I step into the elevator to go toward the 35.

When I exit out o

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