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"Thank you for your generosity," I said to the three people lying on the ground with apale face.

One could see a small burned hole in the stomach of three of them from which blood smog could be seen coming.

After losing the battle to me, they wanted to leave. They did not even apologize like others.

This made me angry and I immediately launched fire strike at them, with the power of Sunfire into it, fire bolts felt no resistance and the firebolts had directly pierced into their bodies.

Only after feeling the pain, did they gave me all their storage. It was quite good for them that I am merciful and did not take the artifacts they were wearing.

I continued my journey toward the boundary, on the way coming across many monsters and bandits.

It took me more time than I expected to reach the boundary as I come across more bandits than I expected.

It's not that I'm complaining as I had quite fun looting back the bandits, it just that it took me eighteen hours to reach the boundary.

Instead of crossing it, I decided to set up a camp and sleep, I will cross the boundary when I wake up the next day, refreshed and rested.

Next morning, I resumed my journey after eating lunch.

After packing my stuff, I walk toward the boundary which is less than a kilometer away.

Crossing the boundary, I appeared in Region 5.

I appeared in the forest, right beside the two specialist stage monsters were fighting. Seeing me suddenly appeared, they quickly ran away not caring about the intense fight they were fighting.

After confirming my location, I started to run toward the boundary that will lead me toward Region 1, Region 1 to Region 5 have boundaries interconnected. One can go to any Region 1 to Region 5 from here.

As I traveled toward the boundary, I got quite surprised seeing no bandit had come across me as in the past four realms, I have come across at least one group of bandits an hour but now nearly two hours had passed but there is no bandits insight.

I got to know the reason soon after when I asked about it to a lone traveler like me.

It turns out, teams from Top organization are making rounds across whole Region 5, some in disguise while others openly with only one aim in mind that is rooted out the bandits.

They would kill any bandit they came across, sparing no one. Even those bandits who only rob but not kill were ruthlessly killed by them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

These actions of the organizations had struck fear across the hearts of the bandits which is why I spotted no bandits in Region 5.

Hearing that I quickly take out the Mask I am wearing, not to be misidentified as the bandit.

As I journeyed across Region 5, I really did not come across any bandits.

I am running across the sky when I heard the commotion little far from me, from the sound of it look like some group of people is fight

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