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I said as they were leaving, they wanted to rob me but after seeing I have Rule power, they said I will not ask for my money and started to leave.

How can I let them leave just like that, I had at least give them little punishment. The most fitting would take all their stuff, as this is what they wanted to do with me.

They all stopped by my voice and turned toward me, "Do you have something to say to us friend." asked the leader.

"Yes, I would like if you all could give all your stuff to me, as you have said with Rule power with me, I would need a lot of stuff," I said with a serious face.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Don't joke, friend, we did not take your stuff because Rule power and you are not the only ones who had the Rule power." Replied leader and I felt familiar cool sensation oozing from his body.

Rule of Water! Came into my mind. The leader had definitely comprehended the Rule of Water.

Only Rule of Water had such gentleness with a slightly cool touch.

"You may have comprehended the Rule but I still need you all to give me your stuff," I said looking straight at the eye of the leader.

If he was any 2 nd level Rule, I would back down and let them go seeing how he is at the lieutenant stage but his Rule is just level 3 Rule.

"Why?" asked back the leader.

This time I didn't reply to his question instead projected Rule of Sunfire into its full glory without holding back anything.

All the comprehension I got imprinted from Ashlyn is radiating from me.

Just as I did that, all four of them took a step back in a hurry, not only that they even erected their defense type skills.

Rule of Sunfire is not the normal Rule, it a Peak 2nd level Rule which is descended from Level 1 Rule, Rule of Sun.

Level 3 Rule even normal Level 2 couldn't compare to it.

"Now, give me your storages!" I said as I tone down my condition.

I did that because I felt that if I asked them for all their stuff, they would fight and I may end up killing them which I didn't want to see.

They didn't even exclude shred of killing intent when they tried to Rob me, I would feel quite bad if I kill them.

They stayed silent by my question but all of them had cast an eye at their leader, waiting for him to take the first step.

"Take it!" said the leader finally after few as second as he took out storage from his pocket and gave it to me.

Seeing their leader had given me his storage,the other three followed without question.

"Thank You, the things you have given me generously will help me a lot in my practice," I said and left running on the air.

I am in quite a good mood as I run toward the boundary, these four storages must have quite a few good things even if it is not their real storage.

"Boss why did we give him our stuff, even if he has high-level Rule, your power is three stages higher than hi

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